How to setup & Watch live TV in Your Car Free

Maybe you are trapped on-road heading home, and it’s time for your favorite live tv show. It could be a big football match coming up. Or you went shoping with your kid’s and it’s time for their favorite stories on cartoon network yet, you are still on the way. Now you will be looking for a possibility to watch live tv channels on your car with or without car tv antenna, it’s not that hard anyway. While it may be possible to set up and watch live TV shows on your car hastily, you need to be ready ahead of time.

However, watching live TV on your car does not mean a satellite dish or antenna will be fixed on your car rooftop. Of course, there are several means which you can easily stream movies and live shows effortlessly without interrupting your driving.

Car tv antenna

Therefore, in this article, I’ll walk you through some choices to watch live tv on your car. Some of these picks might take a stretch to set up, while others could easily be done. Here are ways in which you can watch live tv-shows right inside a moving car.

Live Streaming

You can easily stream live tv programs inside a car. If you already have tv apps singed in to your mobile devices, this is when to use it. You can take advantage of mobile tv apps to watch various programs of your choice. All you need to do is simply install them to your mobile device, signup and start streaming. Some mobile tv apps which you can easily install and start streaming include; UKTVnow – Mobile TV, ESPN now, Moko Live Sport (for live football matches) and others.

Also, several streaming services offer both on-demand videos and live tv. Hence, utilizing this could be the best idea. You can easily sign up for a streaming service account, add a payment method, and start using the service for free as most streaming services offer seven days free trial. There are several streaming services which you can easily signup for, they include; spectrum, sling tv, hulu and several others. In the same vein, you can easily project your screen to the mobile video system on the car to watch on a larger screen.

Home satellite TV

There are ways you could get all the channels you watch at home as some TVs make it easy for customers to watch live and recorded TV on smartphones. Using this method, you don’t have to worry about signups or charges before watching your satellite TV channels right on your car. All you have to do is get your mobile device with strong Internet access and do the connection.

Download your home satellite TV app on your mobile device, log in with your credentials, and start enjoying your favorite tv channels. TVs like dish anywhere app, DirecTV app, AT&T, and others can easily be connected start watching all your home channels on the road with no additional cost.

Tv in a car

Watching Local Channels in Your Car

This might be a bit stressful to set up. However, you can easily fix it in a few minutes if you have all the required materials handy. To receive local tv channels you’ll need to provide a television tuner, a car tv antenna and of course a mobile video system. With this, you are good to give it a try, set up and start enjoying your favorite tv programs.

Like you already know, the mobile video system in your car is used to watch videos in your car. Check if it has an additional input. And if it doesn’t, you’ll provide an external splitter. The tuner receives the signal, transforms, and passes it to the screen for display. Some tuners come with built-in antennas, which ease signal reception. An external car tv antenna doesn’t always receive the utmost signals needed for proper connection.

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