Steps to find TV tower locations (antenna)

TV antenna

Tips on finding nearest TV tower locations and setup

The recent introduction of Netflix and Hulu is a wonderful thing, but sometimes might want to explore when in your room or listen to news, watch live matches and events. This reason is enough to make you know TV power locations and have a TV antenna that will enable you to get strong TV signal and enjoy your cable TV at the comfort of your home. In the post you will be shown how to find out the nearest TV broadcast tower around you. Steps on fixing network and network mast issues in our areas; technology transfer process

Nearest TV Tower locations

If you yet to own an antenna, try and confirm there is a broadcast tower nearby. To do this, out will need some  easy-to-use online mapping tools which is easy to use and will assist you in finding TV tower locations near to you. Firstly, you will be required to fill in your ZIP code, your street address and find out the closest dot on a map. There are every possibility that, if there is multiple TV stations are broadcasting from towers locations nearby, you are already on your to getting free TV.Top best Alternative to DStv decoder in Nigeria, Africa

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TV tower locations
TV tower locations

Check Your TV’s Capabilities

After finding out the broadcast tower locations near you, you will have to start using them. If you bought your TV recently (after 2005), probably it carries a digital tuner built in. And if you are still using an older television box, you will require a converter box or DVR that has a digital tuner. After that, you will have to go for antenna.

Purchase Your Antenna

Having the knowledge of  TV tower locations nearby will help you select the appropriate antenna. If so interested about network broadcasting from a very far distance, then you will require a directional antenna. But if there are many TV tower in two locations within a particularly area, what you need is multidirectional antenna.Why does my TV display no signal on TV ?

Tv network location
TV network location

Set Up Your Antenna

To find the nearest TV broadcast tower locations in your local area, You will first have to connect your antenna to your TV or to your converter box (for older TV’s), then configure your TV to the first directed channel on TV. It is always Channel 3 or 4.

Scan for Channels

After getting antenna ready, proceed to “Setup” and tap on “Scan channels.” Press “OK” to start the scanning and exercise patience while it search  channels you can access. Buying various type of antenna may be an option if you notice that the channels you are searching for are yet townhouse up clearly. If you discover that any of of your channels is not displaying may be as a result of distance of TV tower locations, try to raise your up your antenna be it gotv antenna, digital antenna or other antenna and keep it wherever is no obstruction from buildings or trees. Also rescan the process again to have things on its normal again.Step by step guide how to fix E16, E19, E30, &  E32 error codes on Dstv and Gotv.


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