How to fix “No Satellite Signal is Being Received” Error 25, 29 in your sky TV digibox

Sky TV digibox

    Sky TV digibox

No satellite signal is being received error issues and solutions

If you are having issues with your Sky TV digibox as a result of it displaying  ” No Satellite Signal is Being Received Error 25, 29, please follow this step by step guide to fix your sky TV digibox:

Reset your Digibox

Remove your Sky box, Sky+ or Sky+ HD recorder from the connected power supply and wait 30 seconds, then re-connect the power supply.Top Most Watched Tv Network In USA ; Number Of Viewers

You will need to check again if the ‘ no satellite signal is being received error fault has cleared.

Test your Digibox

If the issue has not been resolved, remove the power supply to your Sky box and then carefully disconnect all cables connection in rear panel.

At this point connect your digibox to a  Sky dish you are very sure that it is working properly (for example a neighbour’s dish). incase your Sky HD box or older Sky+ Digibox works on the alternative dish, it mans the fault is from your minidish, LNB or coaxial cable.Steps to find TV tower locations (antenna)

Change LNB Cables on Sky+ and Sky HD
When you must have removed the  power supply from your Sky box, loose the Digibox LNB cables from the rear panel and swap them over to see if any LNB output on your sky dish or cable feeder has any issue.

If this solve the problem, check the F-connectors at both ends of the ‘no-signal cable’ (dish and receiver) for tightness also short circuits as a result of coaxial cable outer braid getting in contact with the cable’s centre copper core. Re-terminate the cable if found necessary.

Also check if threw is any damage caused by or LNB (usually as a result of by inappropriate waterproofing of the LNB cable connections). If the feeder is damaged by water then it must be replaced with new WF100 coaxial cable.

All LNB connections ought to be waterproofed with self amalgamating tape – using other types of tape may result to entering into the cable and LNB terminations over regularly and surely cause damage – so check the type of tape used before starting your Sky installation.prices of GoTV package and list of GoTV channels

Swap LNB Outputs- If the coaxial cable and all the connections are in the best situation, continue troubleshooting by swapping the cable with no signal onto an unused LNB output if you have a Quad or Octo-LNB fitted – this will show whether one LNB output has failed or not.

Check your Dish

Sky TV dish
Sky TV dish

It is very common for a Sky dish a d another satellite dish to be knocked out of alignment by human activities or by heavy rain and other factors.

Check for damage to the dish reflector and see if there is any prof that the dish has shifted from its balance or has rusted badly. Check if the dish tightening bolts are all in good situation. Replace a spoiled or rusty dish with a new Mk4 Raven dish. Using a satellite signal meter is very necessary to check dish alignment.

Check your sky dish LNB
Sky dish LNB faults are easily developed. Troubleshooting an LNB issue include heating the LNB with a hairdryer and/or cooling a hot LNB with iced water.

Sky dish lnb
Sky dish lnb

Sometimes a faulty LNB may temporary work or fail during this test. Other signs of Sky LNB faults are picture breaking up or pixilation issues on one or more channels in the run-up to the ‘no satellite signal is being received error message’ being displayed.

Quad LNB’s are affordable, so replace them if you suspect any issue and check minidish alignment with a satellite meter at the same time.

Check F-Connectors

F connector
F connector

Inspect all screw-on F-type connectors at the dish and see if Sky box are tighted firmly and adequately waterproofed at the dish end with self amalgamating tape.

On identifying of water ingression in the dish, change and replace the coaxial cable feeder, F-connectors and LNB wish a new one (if water damaged) and re-check dish alignment with a satellite meter.How to fix my phone: Why Android Phones stops to work properly

Satellite grade PF100 or PF125 cable should be used between the dish and your digibox. Check that the centre core of the coaxial cable slightly protrudes from all F-connectors to ensure a reliable connection.

Check Coaxial Cables

Coxial cable
Coxial cable

The coaxial cable feeder connecting to your Sky Digibox or twin feeders to your Sky+ HD box may suffer accidental damage or even be deliberately cut by an act of vandalism.

I hope this article fully resolve your faulty sky TV digibox issues and clear the error codes. This can also be used to clear free sat TV no satellite signal is being received, error 29,25 codes.

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