How To Setup Netflix Party Extension On Chrome Browser

Netflix Party extension is installed on google chrome to enable you watch Netflix together remotely with friends in a far distance.

The extension harmonizes playback between individuals who are connected, it adds a conversation window for interaction between those watching a specific movie. Also, it gets anyone who’s watching to play and pause the video, thereby controlling the playback on everyone’s screen.

Netflix party extension

Moreover, the Netflix party does not support usernames and appearance customization. Also, every session expires after completing a movie or and episode. Therefore, you will need to re-connect friends to watch Netflix together online using chrome extension.

Establishing a session is quite easy. Simply launch your chrome browser, play a video on Netflix, pause, then tap on the extension’s browser button in the upper-right corner of the window. Follow below steps to host Netflix party on chrome.

How to host a Netflix party

  • Install the extension on your browser.
  • Go to Netflix, and play a video.
  • Click on the Netflix Party extension icon.
  • Click on “Create a Netflix Party.”
  • Choose either to regulate the playback or leave it open to everyone connected. And then, Click “Start the party.”
  • The next pop-up window will contain a link. Copy the link (“Copy URL”) and share it with your friends to start watching Netflix movies together remotely.

How to join a Netflix party extension

  • launch your chrome browser.
  • copy and paste the invitation link in the search bar.
  • And Start watching movies with your friends online

Their are other ways to watch movie together with your friends online but the Netflix party app is much easier to setup.

Is Netflix party not working on chrome? Here’s a fix

if the Netflix party extension can not establish a host or you can not join an already created link, close the chrome browser and re-open it again. You should close the browser completely not minimizing.

Finally, restart the Google chrome browser, go to settings and find Extension settings and check if all the Netflix Party settings correct.

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