Step By Step How To Install Multi Tv Yourself

Dish TV balance

This post is for those that have chosen multi TV both in Ghana and Nigeria. Multi TV a Ghanaian based television which offers over 20 TV and radio channels in digital format. I’ll walk you through multi TV installation guide. Multi TV being one the best digital satellite TV providers in Ghana and have its … Read more

10 Ways To Speed Up Windows 10 Laptop Performance

How to speed up Windows 10 laptop performance

If you discover that your HP laptop performance has slowed down, there are a some usual suspects who are always responsible including bloatware, temporary files and less powerful hardware. There is nothing to fear as we have provided simple ways you can speed up Windows 10 laptop performance at no cost. How to reset laptop … Read more

How to reset laptop password on windows 10

Reset laptop forgotten password

For many reasons, people today use long, strong and secure passwords to lock their computers and laptops to prevent unauthorized access.  As a result of the difficult password, one can easily loss the access to his laptop and will be searching “I forgot my laptop password” in the internet. Also, people do change their password … Read more

How To Connect Phone To Laptop & Share mobile hotspot

Connect phone to laptop via cable connection

Do you know you can easily transfer files from a phone to a laptop with and without USB?. The sharing of files between devices has been made easier using different methods to connect devices. The use of a modem to connect a PC to the internet is becoming old fashioned as I can use my … Read more

How To Install HP Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

HP Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

Brands like hp have made changing laptop hard drive as simple as changing a laptop battery. In the below figure you can see one instance of a hp laptop hard drive replacement to be installed. You can buy a new LAPTOP on AMAZON Here, you can see clearly how this particular hp hard disk carrier … Read more

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