Easy Guide To Fix Verizon Fios Internet Outage

If you are experiencing issues with Verizon cable or having Verizon fios internet outage lately and want a fix, this article is for you. Getting the Wi-Fi problems fixed your self should be the best option to avoid time waste and also save some cash. Using resources targeted for other home or office duties to pay a technician to fix your Verizon internet outage won’t be the best idea.

Verizon FiOS internet outage

A reliable Wi-Fi enhances connection between friends, family and business partners. Therefore, a delay in getting your FiOS internet outage fixed could result to negative impact on businesses and relationships. Watching TV shows on Verizon on-demand video service without a strong internet connection can be frustrating. Best Gadgets Options For High Speed Internet Service on spectrum Cable

However, let’s look at at what could be the cause and then provide a lasting solution to prevent “Verizon internet down” even before it occurs.

Causes of Verizon internet outage

There are several issues that could result to Verizon FiOS internet outage. Most of them could be as a result of man activities, bad weather or other unseen causes. Sometimes, security activities could bridge internet connection.

Also, a Verizon FiOS outage or Internet down can be as a result of cyber attack, disruption from fallen trees and other objects. However, due to censorship, and change of weather, there could be an connection slow down or totally internet blackout. Steps To Check If Spectrum Internet Is Down In Your Area & fixes

How to fix FiOS internet outage

First, check your device as the connection problems are usually with your smartphones and laptops. Sometimes, configurations and location contribute to internet slow down.

So, to fix internet slow caused by your devices, uninstall all unnecessary apps will improve internet speed. Its recommended to have only functional and needed apps working on your phone. Also wrong configuration can result to internet shutdown in your device. Verizon internet down

If you have Verizon FiOS internet outage issues on multiple devices, then you know there’s an error in the network it self. Try to figure out where the issues is coming from.

FiOS internet down in your area?

First, sign up for Verizon outage alert to receive service outage alerts for your area. This should be done to narrow down the sources of the outage.

If the issue is from your Verizon account, contact Verizon Support and explain your account issue to them. Be ready to verify your identity and explain. Call Verizon support; Call 1-800-837-4966 and lay your complaints to them.

Fixing Verizon On-demand Issues

Having an internet outage will always come with different issues. A Verizon on-demand problems occurs mainly when your internet isn’t working perfectly. This is as a result of internet connection needed to get TV listings, on-demand movies and messages. Internet connection

To fix Verizon on-demand problems, reset your Fios Gateway router by sticking a pin into the red reset hole located at the back. Give it some few minutes to restart. After that, and yet you still can’t access on-demand content even when the internet on your smartphone or tablet works, contact Verizon to troubleshoot your cable box.

Are You Having Missing Pictures

Missing pictures are not as a result of Internet outage, here are few steps to get it on again.

Connect your television to your Fios cable box. Do this by removing the HDMI cable from your television and your cable box. Plug it back into both devices again after 2 minutes.

After that, ensure your television is on and on correct input channel. For instance, if you see “Input 1” on the HDMI port you are using, use your remote to turn the TV to Input 1.

And then, unplug your Fios cable box from power source. Wait for few minutes before plugging it back in. The  cable box will automatically connect to Verizon’s network again. Check Verizon Internet Plans In Your Area

How to Fix No Internet Connection on Verizon

Are you getting No Internet Connection messages on your smartphone or tablet, even when your device is connected to Wi-Fi, it could be a Verizon Gateway Router problem.

To fix it, Unplug and leave the Verizon Gateway Router for at least 5 minutes before plugging it back. After that, wait for some minutes for it to start. And then, try connecting to the internet with your smartphone or tablet using your Verizon Wi-Fi.

Contact Verizon at 1-800-837-4966 after going through this article and still neither of the fixes could fix the No Internet Connection error messages. It means a total Verizon FiOS internet outage in your area.

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