How To Set-up Netflix App & watch Netflix Movies On TV

Various smart TVs comes with a built-in media player which gives you access to connect to different streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime through on-screen apps.

Netflix movies and TV shows can be viewed directly from your smart TV. You only need to install Netflix app on smart TV and start a journey to the amazing experience with family and friends right on one screen. With the split-screen feature, one could watch two movies at same time. To watch Netflix on TV, it only requires the few set-ups and a strong Internet connection.

watch netflix on tv

How to install Netflix to a TV

Connect your smart tv to your home network

For access to stream Netflix from your Smart TV’s app, install and connect your smart tv to your home network. It can be connected through wireless connection or ethernet by connecting a cable to run from the Ethernet port of the TV into the Ethernet jack in the wall. You may need a streaming device to hook up with if you don’t have a smart TV.

Go to your smart TV apps

Open the app list using your Smart TV remote. The button to access your TV apps are easily identifiable as it carries either logo or other image on it. This will show you installed apps on your smart TV.

Setup the Netflix app

Navigate to the installed Netflix app on your TV and click on it to activate. Proceed to the Netflix registration screen where you will obtain a 4-digit code. After that, visit the website and sign-in to your Netflix account. Navigate to the tab that reads “Activate a device.” Choose your TV and a big blank box will come up. Paste the 4-digit activation code obtained from from the registration screen and click “Activate.”

Start streaming

Return to the Netflix application by pressing the menu button on your. Open the app by clicking the select button and you will see a wide range of movies on Netflix.

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However, You can stream Netflix on a none smart TV by connecting your tv to media streaming device. Connect the HDMI input in your television to the hdmi output on a media streaming device.

Watch Netflix by projecting it from phone to a TV

Maybe you decide to get a Netflix movie from phone to your TV. Google chromecast is the best choice for you. With the chromecast, you can wirelessly cast your video from phone to TV.

With this, you can watch Netflix from phone at full resolution on your TV with no need to install an app. Also, you can wirelessly connect your phone to Apple TV via Bluetooth and enjoy your Netflix movies.

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