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How to easily track an Amazon order on with computer & mobile device

Did you place an order on Amazon? And wants to know the delivery progress, tracking your order to know if it has reached the destination is necessary. However, it’s simple to track an Amazon order, regardless of the products’ Prime eligibility. How To Check Itunes Gift Card Balance Online Without Redeeming It

Although, Amazon order management process makes shipping of some products in just two-day or even next-day shipping (sometimes same-day shipping for some products), so it should come as little surprise that it’s easy to track an Amazon order.Track Amazon order

Shoppers have stopped checking order status as some orders will be delivered to its destination even sooner than expected. How Can I Reactivate Amazon Flex Account

Log into your account in any device and Amazon order tracking will be simple. However, if you wish to ensure a gift has been delivered to its destination or you want to know the delivery progress of your purchase, the following is a detailed guide to track Amazon orders.

Amazon order tracking with a computer

1. Sign into your Amazon account on your Mac or PC.

2. Then tap on “Returns & Orders” at the top right corner of the screen.

3. And navigate to the order you want to track, and then click the button reading “Track package.”

You’ll be able to see the progress and delivery status for your order on the page that will be displayed. How To Check Itunes Gift Card Balance Online Without Redeeming It

How to track an Amazon order on a mobile device 

1. Go to your Amazon app on your iPhone or Android device.

2. And tap the three parallel lines at the top left corner of your Mobile app, then tap “Your Orders. Your orders delivery status will be shown on the screen. For a detailed account of its status and ETS, press “View, change, or track order” next to a product.

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