Easy GOtv Activation After Payment

GOtv is a multichoice product and a popular TV network in Nigeria. It is one of the most used TV network in Nigeria, Kenya, and south Africa. Although using GOtv self service is as easy as making a coffee, while this may be true, Subscribers complain about the difficulty in reaching GOTV customer care. If you have had issue with GOtv activation after paying for GOtv subscription you would know how difficult it is to get GOTV contacts. How To Resolve Wrong Gotv Payment.

Easy Gotv activation

However, If you paid for GOTV monthly subscription, and your decoder is yet to come up, this article will guide you and show you step by step how to activate GOTV after payment. Easy GOtv activation can be done in many ways, but try one of the method provided below or all to see which one works best for you.

Activate GOTV via message

To easily activate your GOTV, Just send “Reset Your GOTV account number” to 22688. For example “Reset 57895288863” to 22688

Activate GOTV Online

To Visit Eazy GOTV online, log into your account making use of your surname, and your account number. Then, head to “Clear your error” dialogue box, select E16 and click on “Reset device now” and that should activate your GOTV. How to Clear Error Code on GOTV – Error E48-32, E016, E17 and E32

Activate GOTV via Phone

You can perform Gotv eazy activation On your phone, dial *423# and follow the prompts to activate your GOVT at ease.

On the other hand if this method didn’t work for you, have it in mind you barely can reach out to GOTV customer care line, but you can message them on Facebook through their Facebook page or Twitter account and then request for the codes to reset your decoder. Provide your decoder account number if required.

How to activate Gotv
How to activate Gotv

Finally, if non of the above method for GOtv activation didn’t work for you, you can reach out to GOVT customer service at 08039044688 and having it in mind that you are going to spend sometime waiting to speak with their customer care representative.

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