How to reset StarTimes decoder after payment

Although, after installing your StarTimes decoder, there isn’t any other task difficult when using Startimes. However some people still finds some DIY so difficult, one of them is to reset Startimes decoder after payment. Also, Startimes decoder reset helps to fix a lot of technical and signal problems in your decoder.  How to Make Payment for Your StarTimes Subscription

I decided to write this article after receiving complaint from StarTimes subscribers. Therefore, this post teaches the best way to reset Startimes decoder to default settings After payment. However, you still have the chance to reset the decoder back to an earlier scheduled date or settings. Similarly, decoder reset provides the best solutions to most common problems on Startimes Tv. Additionally, resetting StarTimes decoder is a good Startimes troubleshooting operations for resolving all problems on Startimes TV.

To begin with, we will look at some concepts, which helps to digest decoder reset procedures for Startimes TV.
Why Do you Have to Reset Decoder?
To reset a decoder is to reinitialize the factory settings or default set up, which result to all setting errors disappearing. In the same vein, Any decoder errors can result to Startimes signal loss, distortion, picture and audio quality drop or outright malfunctioning of the device. So, there is no limit to the types of issues you may experience as a result of settings errors. How To Fix Errors In Startimes Tv- Smartcard & Others

However, any problem encountered after payment of subscription could be fixed if you know how to reset Startimes decoder. It is easy to do and you can do it your self without the help of a technician. Furthermore, the model of Startimes decoder you may have won’t be an issue as I have stated a step by step DIY guide. To reset a Startimes decoder follow below guide for all decoder models as we shall see below.

Startimes TV

Things to Ensure Before Resetting your Decoder

If you to reset a Startimes decoder successfully, ensure the following conditions;
• your Startimes decoder must be powered ON
• There should be a complete and proper connection – assuming that the antenna is aligned properly to pick up signal
• you must identify the particular issue, which you are trying to resolve and focus on it

Below are , most problems of Startimes that require a decoder reset

  • Startimes signal outage
  • Decoder channel loss
  • Forgot password, password conflict or restoring to default PIN
  • customized settings recall
  • default settings recall
  • General memory clearance
  • Decoder software malfunction, etc

Above are TV problems that can cause you to reset your StarTimes decoder after payment. Therefore, I will show you how to perform decoder reset for StarTimes TV. Importantly, the default PIN or password for Startimes is usually 0 0 0 0 and it is good to have it in mind. At some points during password management, your Startimes decoder may require you to enter the default PIN. You can’t set a personalized password without providing the default password, which is the 0 0 0 0.

Also, you must provide steady power until the entire reset is complete. If power goes out during the decoder reset process, it would never be unsuccessful. Their could be more complicated system errors, which may not come up immediately. So its important to ensure steady power until the Startimes decoder had finished auto scan of channels after decoder reset. How To Use A Multimeter To measure Antenna Signal Strength

Follow these Steps to Reset Startimes Decoder After payment

•On the Startimes remote control, push the BLUE button
•using directional arrow keys, scroll to DEFAULT SETTINGS
• on the right side of the OK button, •press the arrow direction-RIGHT button
• A prompt appears on the TV screen, choose YES option
• then press OK on the remote control
a message appears, “Restore initial data YES or NO”
• select YES and press OK to confirm
the Startimes decoder restarts and after booting, re-scans the channels list using automatic search

At this point, I believe you have successfully reset your Startimes decoder and the fault you noticed earlier would have disappeared.
Finally, if after resetting your StarTimes decoder after payment and the problem still persists, contact StarTimes customer care representative.
I hope this Do It Yourself guide helped you to fix your decoder problem. Use the comment button to give us a feedback..thanks!!


  1. please I have recharge my startimes for over one hour and is still telling me to recharge what should I do? my name is Owoyemi Olusola Ayodele with phone number 08060714973 and decoder number 02145804732

  2. Good morning,my startimes keeps showing no signal from 1am till 4am why is it like that and when you go thru the default settings it shows channel list empty,kindly advice on what to do next


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