How to fix dstv not scanning & decoder not booting up or working Properly

If you’re using DStv decoder, you must have faced a challenge that will lead you to scanning and rescanning of your decoder. Also, you may experience DStv decoder not powering up when attempting to fix it. Or, a delay in booting and when it finally boots, an error could be faced trying to access the menu.

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Maybe you now wants to reboot the decoder to see if the DStv problems could disappear and then you finds out that the DStv decoder is not powering up again. Now, another DStv problem have developed today while attempting to fix one, adding to the existing DStv not scanning problem. And all this issues might be coming up when you just paid or have an existing subscription. dstv problems today

How To Fix Dstv Decoder Not Powering Up

Here’s the fix to try, If your DStv decoder is not booting up follow any of the two methods to get it fixed yourself;

Method 1

  • Turn off the decoder and switch off the power source
  • Remove the power cord from the decoder
  • Unplug all peripherals plugged in
  • After 10minutes, reconnect the power cable and see if the DStv decoder is powering up.

Method 2

  • Unplug the power cord from decoder.
  • Press and hold the P+ button on your decoder and then plugging the power cord while still holding the p+ button.
  • Keep an eye on the progress on your TV screen, a message “CODE” will appear on the top right corner.
  • let go of the P+ button when the “CODE” message appears, and press the following buttons : P-,P+,P+,P-(- ++-). 
  • Restart the decoder now.

After going through above fixes I succeeded in fixing my DStv decoder not powering up issues myself. Although, it later turned out to be power supply problems which was fixed immediately. You should give it a try before contacting a professional to fix the DStv not booting up problem.  Solution To Dstv Satellite Dish Signal Problems

How to fix DStv not scanning or shows up installation wizard page when turned on
dstv not scanning

When booting your decoder and an installation wizard shows up as if you you bought and wants to activate a new decoder. Here, I’ll list out possible causes for this DStv problem and solution. Follow the detailed guide below to get it solved in no time;

What To Do When Dstv Shows Installation Wizard Page

If the LNB or coxial cable are faulty, it could result to lots of DStv problems today. Also, if the coxial cable is accidentally removed from the decoder, you will experience the DStv keeps searching for signal thereby not scanning. And, if the cable is broken or the LNB is faulty, it could result to channels not found when scanning.
DStv decoder not powering up

To fix decoder installation wizard error and DStv not scanning problems by factory resetting your decoder using the P+ and P- buttons. Turn off the decoder, press and hold the p+ button. Without releasing the button, turn on the decoder and wait till you see a message “CODE” on the top right corner of your TV screen. Tips On Starting Dstv, Startimes & Gotv Subscription Business

Release the P+ button immediately the “CODE” message appears and press -++-  instantly. After that, the DStv not scanning problem will be gone. It will start scanning properly and channels restored.

After going through the above Guide to fix DStv not working problems today and whenever a similar fault develops. Before going through this process to fix it your self, ensure you have some knowledge about decoder settings as you might need to reset the decoder. Thanks for reading.

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