Tips for buying reliable coaxial Cable cord for satellite TV connection

The cable TV coaxial cable can be just as essential as the antenna. Buying the best cable will surely bring out the best performance of any satellite TV connection.

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If you want to buy coaxial cord, there are considerable points to note. Buy a good coxial cable to experience best connection when using the right antenna. Low quality tv wire will result to signal loss as it passes through the antenna to the television.

What is coax cable connectors

Coaxial cable is used to send radio frequency strength from one point to another. The cable includes two concentric conductors placed apart by a dielectric equipment.

Before getting on details, let’s first take a peek at coaxial cable connectors for TV antenna, it is valuable to have an idea of what it is.

An RF feeder is what is generally known as coax cable. it transmits radio frequency signals from one end to another with the minimum of loss and radiation from the coax.

The fundamental constituents of the coax cable connector are the inner conductor, dielectric spacer, outer conductor, and the protective sheath.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Coaxial Wire

For better reception, it is necessary to find out where to buy a coaxial cable from a reliable source, and secondly, confirm it’s of high-quality before making payments. Below is where to buy coaxial cable at a cheaper price. (Purchasing products on Amazon through below link will earn us some buks)

While it may be right that the higher the price, the satisfactorily the product, however, there is always a sensible balance to be made, and spending too much does not guarantee a quality product.

A handful of the things to consider when buying coax cable for a TV are the impedance, signal loss, thickness, and the intended application for the coax.

Coax impedance

Cable wire has what is known as a standard impedance. Basically by keeping all the components in the system: antenna; coax cable; and the input to the TV the same impedance, the best power transfer from one to the next is strengthened and in this way the best performance is gained.

Household TV and other VHF FM radio use 75Ω coax for video applications. Coax cable designed for domestic television is usually 75Ω, but if you go into a shop with selections of coaxial cable connectors, then you’ll have to check carefully. Regardless, just tell the seller that this is what you want.

Every day used 75Ω cables are RG59/U and RG6/U. They maintain a 22 AWG stranded center conductor to enable cable flexibility. The standard size cable can quickly be terminated and is handy in 100-, 500- and 1000-foot reels.

How To Use A Multimeter To measure Antenna Signal Strength

Cable loss

The next significant aspect to think about when buying coax cable should be the level of loss. The higher the loss, the lower the signal strength on the television and the lower the reception will be.

Tv coaxial cable is commonly sold as a standard and low loss. The low loss is thicker than the regular coax, and it usually is best to opt for low loss, except perhaps for short interconnecting leads between various TV boxes like the recorder and so on. These leads are potential to be purchased ready-made for perhaps cheaper than you can pay for the bits. Being short, they won’t bring up much loss.

However, the loss of a coax cable wire is specified in terms of a certain number of decibels for a provided length, usually 10 meters, and for a specific frequency.

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