7 Simple Steps To Speed Up My Android Phone

How to speed up my android phone explained in details 

When it comes to mobile devices, the easily accessibility of the Android system brings out convenience and the easy to use and  customization. This one issue that seems to degrade Android devices is the increase in lagging that appears over time in android, seriously this is affecting their usability. After going through this you will get to know how to fix lagging in android phone and iPhone, in just a simple step.

How to fix my phone: Why Android Phones stops to work properly

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why is my Android phone so slow?

Smartphones are resemblance of computers, developing caches and junk files. Various app installations may also contribute to these case of crashing.

1. Low Specifications

A typical low specification smartphone  has a low RAM (under 1GB) and/or probably very slow CPU. The performance of the android device will be sub-standard so trying to install apps will surely cause slowdown as a result of low RAM and CPU power.

Android smartphone
Android smartphone

2. Installed (and running) too many apps

We all have needs for apps, they satisfy our needs and are essential for the functioning of some phones features. But the truth is that any app that you start runs in the background occupying your device RAM. opening of too many apps results to heating and affects your Android phone Performance and makes it not to run faster.

Android smartphone
Android smartphone

3. Too much junk data and cache

We have made mention of junk data and cache – this is also applied to the file remnants following removing of apps, various upgrading of packages, downloads etc. Not getting rid of all this cache files will slow your phone system.

Android smartphone
Android smartphone

#4. Other issues

Smartphone getting older

As a result of  planned obsolescence, all electronics devices are not designed to last forever. Phone hardware naturally get issues over time, which will not make your android phone to run faster and also affect its performance.

Step by step guide to Reduce Data Usage on Android, iPhone

Viruses or malware

As a result of Android’s ecosystem accessibility, users are free to download apps online – some of these installed apps contain Malware,viruses and can also cause the smartphone to brick.

Outside damage

Keeping aside internal hardware and software reasons that makes phone slow, external damage can also result the smartphone to become slow. Examples are phone getting contact with water, spoiling or even getting submerged. the use of Pouch can be beat for protection of smartphones against physical damage.

How can i speed up my android phone?

There are so many ways to android phone having slow speed can be speed up: constant emptying of the cache and  data, helps to reduce RAM over use.

Method #1. Only install apps from known websites and trusted App stores like Google Play. Don’t download unsupported format apps, untrusted applications or APKs.

Method #2. Don’t form the habit of installing too many apps even useless ones and do uninstall used apps to boost up RAM and memory. The use of Live wallpapers and big applications shluld be avoided on low-spec phones.

Method #3.  Always empty your phone regularly with booster apps available.

Method #4. Do not open more than three Apps at the same time if you are using low-spec phone as this Will always consume RAM. Only open the ones you want to use instantly and get rid of other ones running in the background.

Method #5. Shut active apps carefully. Sometimes You may be  thinking that you closed an app by just tapping the Home button which is actually not suppose to be so. Clicking the Home button just minimize the active apps to the background without even closing. Doing it as stated above will make the app to keep on using up your CPU and RAM.

To fix lagging in android caused by this; follow these steps

● Long tap on the Home button to show all the currently running apps on the screen.

● cancel the app you wish to close by sliding it to left or right or dragging it to a waste bin shown (depends on Android version).

● Also, you can perform this by pressing and holding the home button to show all running apps, then choose close all option  depends also the specific Android version).

● You equally decide to lock the ones you will wish to maintain sliding it to the where the lock icon will appear.

Android smartphone
Android smartphone

However, their are apps that cant be get rid of this way and will require to be forcibly shut down.

● Enter Settings — choose Application Management — click x to close the app.

Android smartphone

Android smartphone
Android smartphone

Method #6. This isn’t working always but sometimes rebooting your Android phone every few days can automatically release and free up your RAM.

Though the above stated methods to make your android run faster are very helpful and can actually be uses  in preventing Android slowdown, some junk is very stubborn to remove. So the the only way to deal with such case is to restart your phone.

● Long press the Power button until the seen options display on the screen and simply tap Restart/Reboot button

function — click on Create new backup — select the data you wish to keep — click on Start Backup button to back up the selected data to your SD card.

Android smartphone
Android smartphone

Increase you don’t have an SD card, put one; if your phone is the type that do not support external memory card, copy your important and personal files to your computer.


To make your android phone run faster using resetting method, follow these procedures;

● Start your Android device, go to Settings.

● Slide the screen to the bottom, locate the More option and tap it.

● Choose Factory data reset.

● chooae to Erase all or not, then tap Reset phone.

Android smartphone
Android smartphone

Now wait for a few minutes while your phone is been restored to its default setting.

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