Maintenance Services Rendered By Enecon

ENECON is a recognized maintenance service in the United States, as well as in over 65 countries, in the multi-billion dollar repair and maintenance industry. Their high-tech products aids maintenance service in almost every aspect and solve problems as well as fix plant life extension issues. Enecon products are produced in the U.S. from raw materials sourced from U.S. based companies.

Below are some maintenance service and repair provided by Enecon cooperation in united States.


A municipal kitchen slop sink drain was fixed all thanks to DuraQuartz and CHEMCLAD products from ENECON.

Enecon cooperation

ENECON’s DuraGrip Slip Resistant System was used to eliminate workplace hazard in biosolids processing facility in Florida.

Repair service

A check after 10 years of service show that a pump impeller protected by CeramAlloy CL+AC only needed minor touch-ups and spot repairs.

A Steel digester tanks located in Northern California used to break down yard waste and manufacture biofuel were repaired and protected.

Maintenance and repair

Heavy duty Equipment Operator In Chile Extends Service Life Of Bucket Loader From 5,000 Hours To Over 15,000 Hours With CeramAlloy CBX

A Mexican silver mine chose ENECON’s NSF approved CHEMCLAD SC to put tanks in good condition for potable water use.

Pressure ducts / piping in a hydroelectric plant was protected to prevent internal corrosion and potential leaks.

DuraGrip System installed at a domestic United States airport is still very strong after eight years in heavy use.

A caisson spool for an offshore oil company in Australia was protected from erosion due to abrasion with spectacular results.

ENESEAL CR was used by a maintenance and repair service to protect a pair of electrical substation gantries in Nepal from corrosion.

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A badly corroded ceramics factory roof in the Philippines was fixed and protected with ENESEAL HR

DuraFill was used to replace a deteriorating floor in a popular bar during upgrade. ENECON provided a quick, durable, cost-effective solution.

ENECON developed a unique heavy-duty “traction panel system” to eradicate dangerous slipping and accident issues.

An air fan housing at a regional mid-Atlantic water authority damaged due to internal erosion was repaired by a building maintenance service using ENECON products.

Estimated time for a loading dock repair project at a cancer research center was reduced from almost a month to just a week.

An auto maintenance service fixed a damaged spool piece on a dredge ship with the help of ENECON products.

A Colorado hospital saved almost half a million dollars by employing a building maintenance service to repair damaged concrete in their main driveway with the help of DuraFill.

A major mining company in Chile fixed a mineral scale build-up problem in their water channel, thanks to ENEFLOW.

Francis turbine vanes suffering from erosion and corrosion were rebuilt and protected using CeramAlloy and DuraTough.

Deteriorating and cracked concrete steps outside a busy Seattle office building were repaired and protected with DuraQuartz.

A calciner screw from an aluminum refinery in Australia is still in almost 100% condition after four years of heavy use, protected by CeramAlloy CBX.

Corroding galvanized support beams for large cooling towers on top of a Seattle office building protected by ENESEAL CR.

Badly deteriorated plinths due to leaking sufuric acid at an Australian nickel mine were fixed and protected with ENECON products.

CeramAlloy CBX was used to line the inside surface of an elbow in a slurry pumping system to protect the pipes from being worn down.

A turbine engine refurbishment company uses DuraFill and CHEMCLAD to upgrade concrete pads in their wastewater treatment room.

A major U.S. nuclear power plant chose ENECON to supply turn-key services to install CeramAlloy CL+AC on 12 massive circulating pump casings.

A U.S. based ferry boat manufacturer used CeramAlloy HTL to protect exhaust tubes on four new ferry boats.

The concrete rim on a clarifier tank in Louisiana was repaired with DuraFill by building maintenance service . Another cost effective solution provided by ENECON.

ENECON products were call on to provide a fast, durable solution to refix and protect a damaged fire station floor in Russia.

A pump impeller at a South Florida municipality USA was rebuilt and resurfaced with ENECON products.

DuraTough DL was called upon to repair and protect a tugboat’s severely corroded propeller guard at the Panama Canal.

A rooftop cooling tower’s concrete support base was badly damaged. ENECON products quickly provide a quick, cost effective solution.

DuraQuartz RR was used to repair broken concrete along drainage channels in a hospital parking garage.

An intercooler used in the manufacturing of orange juice was repaired and protected with DurAlloy and CeramAlloy HTL.

Maintenance service

A corroded split case pump at an Australian regional water authority was repaired with CeramAlloy and CHEMCLAD.

At a waste water treatment facility in Florida, a severely eroded and corroded pump suction housing was repaired, saving time and money.

Gear speed reducers for cooling tower fans at a fertilizer plant in Argentina were damaged by ammonia vapors. CHEMCLAD XC was used to protect them.

ENECON is called on to help a waste water treatment plant in Florida salvage, rather than replace, old damaged pipes, saving thousands of dollars.

ENESEAL CR was used to protect fiberglass and polypropylene packed bed scrubbers from UV damage and corrosion.

A shoe factory in Romania had a 45,000+ square foot metal roof that was leaking. ENESEAL CR was used by a building maintenance service to provide a seamless, weather resistant, protective ‘skin.’

After 90 years of service, this cast iron pump casing and impeller had severe corrosion and erosion damage. ENECON was able to provide a rebuild and repair solution using a variety of different products for just less than 10% of the replacement cost.

When this large transformer at a substation began to leak oil through its top flange, employees needed to decide how to properly repair the transformer. Enecon product was used by a power maintenance service to repair it.

CeramAlloy is used to protect naval ships from corrosion caused by AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam).

A U.S. Dept. of Commerce patrol boat was repaired and protected from erosion and corrosion damages. Also FIND ‘BEST BUY’ LAPTOPS ON SALE IN ILLINOIS, USA

Cracked and damaged floors at a Polish laboratory were repaired and protected by an industrial maintenance service using ENECRETE DuraFill and ENECLAD CFS.

Severe concrete floor cracking was repaired with DuraFill, saving the customer hundreds of thousands in new concrete flooring costs.


Severely cracked and damaged concrete bases for power transformers were repaired and protected with DuraFill and ENESEAL CR.

A Mexican mining company called upon ENECON’s innovative products to recondition and protect flotation tanks and equipment that had been unused for over 7 years.

One of the largest cement factories in Turkey had leak trouble through damaged concrete walls at the base of their silos. ENECRETE DuraQuartz was called upon to repair the damage.

DuraFill was called upon to repair and protect a badly damaged and unsafe concrete floor at a Moroccan flour manufacturer.

A Moroccan nightclub used ENECON products to repair and protect crumbling concrete stairs and a patio slab that was beginning to show signs of erosion.

A ‘Y’ connection on a condenser discharge pipe in a New York City building was repaired with DurAlloy and DuraWrap. You can read more in enecon official website.

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