How to Hard Reset Your DISH Network Receiver

Performing a hard reset can fix most audio/video, signal loss issues, hard drive and remote problems you may have with your DISH Network receiver. However this is the first step to take if you are looking for how to troubleshoot your DISH TV receiver. Above all, a hard reset is easy to perform and can be done two ways without dish tech support:

How to rest dish network receiver

1. Unplug your receiver.

Firstly, locate the power cord in your DISH Network receiver. If you’re looking for it, its located on the far left side – often pointed out with a red tag.

Now unplug the power cord from the poet outlet it is plugged in. After unplugging it, wait for few minutes and then plug it back. Check Dish TV Balance: How to Check My Dish TV Account Balance & Track Recharge Status

2. Press and hold the power button.

On the left side of your dish network receiver is the power button. Press and hold the power button for five seconds then release, your TV receiver will reset.

Although some TV receiver models have a door, tap on it and it will fall down, behind this is the power button in the top left corner and reset button in the down left corner. You can tap and hold the power key for five seconds or press and release the reset button, your receiver will reset.

When the dish network receiver turns back, you’ll see a message that writes “Attention Acquiring Satellite Signals”, and once that’s completed it will say, “Downloading Program Guide”. You can tap on the Select button on your remote control or receiver to skip this download. If you are having issues with your program guide showing “No Information Available” or having incorrect times, it is best to let the download complete.

If you performed a hard reset on your dish network because your receiver was saying “Attention Acquiring Satellite Signals”, you should give it a few moments after start up. It will usually progress and reconnect to the satellites after a reset.

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