How to fix Vizio smart TV problems – step by step

Maybe your home television is faulty or you are researching for a TV to buy, now you wish to know the best TV brand or model to suit your home. If you choose to buy vizio tv, its necessary to know common vizio smart tv problems before placing an order. Vizio smart tv tends to have some unique and quality features which made it to be our focus in this publication.

With its variety of screen resolution options, screen sizes, and Smart TV features, Vizio smart TV stands out as one of the best TV television brands in the market. Of course, you can easily install and set up streaming service apps to stream on your big screen. Here’s How to add apps to Vizio smart TV in few simple steps.

Vizio smart tv

Although just like every other tv, Vizio smart tv problems are mostly as a result of misuse, mishandling, and damage caused by spike. Other commonly developed Vizio smart tv problems include connection issues, compatible apps not working, and a host of others we’ll discuss shortly.

How to fix black screen on vizio smart tv

Blank black screen happens to be a common vizio smart TV problem. For instance, you turn on your TV, the indicator light comes up and yet the screen remains blank. It could be caused by numerous reasons and is always fixed by changing the LCD TV parts affected.

To fix blank screen on vizio smart tv, first replace the power board, although there are many other things that could be the cause, an insurance is the backlight converter and the T-con board. In rare cases a faulty screen could be the culprit. All the above mentioned parts cann be gotten from a repair shop. On the contrary, you can place an order on Amazon or other online shopping platforms of your choice.

Faulty remotes

Generally, faulty remotes is a common issue faced by all LCD TV. Although it can easily be fixed at little or no expense. Besides, if a vizio tv remote is not working, it could be as a result of dead batteries which you can simply change and get your smart tv working againn. However, faulty remote can be regarded as the simplest Vizio TV problems to fix.

Other fix to try when your vizio remote is not working is to replace a faulty IR sensor or a loose wire which purchased online for few bucks. However, replacing the remote itself is less expensive and will save you stress and time. You can buy a vizio replacement remote on Amazon.

Vizio smart tv remote to buy

how to fix problem with vizio tv sound

There are several causes and fixes for problem with Vizio TV sound and other related issues. Careful observation can narrow down the source as it could end up being wrong settings. Also, some problems with vizio tv sound could be as a result of faulty speakers or disconnected wires. In such case, replace the speaker and or reconnect the wires respectively.

On the other hand, if the problem with vizio tv sound cannot be fixed using the above fixs, visit any shop offering LCD TV repair services. In case you wish to purchase a new LCD TV, Amazon is the best place to buy tv.

Vizio tv not connecting to wifi

Here are some fix to try when vizio tv is not connecting to wifi.

Check the Wi-Fi network. First determine the source of the problem. To this, connect your mobile device to the network which your smart tv fails to connect to. The outcome will tell you the source of the proble. So if It do not connect, the problem lies with the wi-fi network and if it does, it’s from the TV.

Check the DHCP settings. On your remote, press the DHCP button and choose network – manual – setup – DHCP. If the DHCP is turned to OFF, turn it on by hitting the right arrow. Also, if it is set to ON, click on the right arrow once to turn it off, and then turn it on again.

Reset the router, modem. First, restart your vizio smart tv by uplugging it and plugging it back and then reset the router, modem. Also change the router security settings to allow WPA-PSK [TKIP] as it will speed up connection.

Use an alternative connection. Every smart the TV has an Ethernet port. Therefore, use an ethernet cable to connect it directly to the router or modem. If after the Ethernet connection and your vizio smart tv connects to internet, it simply means the TV’s wireless adapter is faulty.

Finally, if after the above fix and yet the vizio smart tv is unable to connect to wifi and internet then you should contact a professional repairer. Also you can reach out to vizio tv customer service for further instructions. You can contact them on call 1-888-849-4623 for those in U.S. Or proceed to the Vizio tech support page. Thanks for reading.

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