A-Z Dish Network Receiver Problems Solved (signal strength – not working)

Poor dish network Signal strength causes low-quality TV viewing experiences. Sometimes, it result to a no picture situation. Therefore, when you are experiencing signal problems, what steps do you take to increase the signal strength on DISH NETWORK? You boost it by correctly aligning your satellite dish and LNB. Also, ensure proper connection of F-connectors at the back of your receiver and on the LNB. Dish network signal strength

Signal Strength & Quality

The Satellite Dish alignment determines the signal strength you are receiving. Signal strength is the strength of the signal been received from the transmitter. The value ranges between 0 and 100 where 100 signifies the best signal 0 is below the minimum signal strength.

On the other hand, signal quality is a measurement of the amount of interference between the receiver and the satellite. Interferences which affect all signals are known as noise. They are weather conditions for example clouds and rain. So, the lower the noise, the stronger the signal quality. This simply means that bad weather causes poor signal strength.

How To Check Dish Network Signal Quality And Strength?

If you want to know what signal strength should be for dish network, here’s a step by step guide.

To find your signal strength on a Hopper or Wally receiver
  • Proceed to Menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Then Diagnostics
  • Select Dish.

To find your signal strength on a ViP receiver

  • Go to Menu
  • System Setup
  • Installation
  • Point Dish

how to deal with Dish network signal loss

Are you experiencing dish network signal loss at home when it is raining or having a bad weather?. Recheck the satellite Dish alignment, you may need the help of a technician to do this. Cut down bushes surrounding where you mount the dish. Clear cobwebs and clean the dish pan. Reposition your the satellite dish – mount it where there’s no obstruction from the southern sky.


However, if after checking the satellite dish and found out its in proper condition and yet, no signal message keeps showing then, wait. When the weather clears the dish network signal strength will increase to the required percent for proper connection. Always use a strong material to tie the dish antenna to the mast to avoid shifting from its alignment when there is excessive wind.

How to fix Dish Network DVR Receiver Not Working

Is your DISH receiver (DVR 625, 722, 612, 512, Hopper models) not working – keeps turning on and off?

Does it regularly crash and reboot itself for no identified reason? Are you experiencing going off some days or overheating?.

By now you must have tried your best to get it fixed and might have contacted DISH customer service who must have given you little or no help. Maybe this is the second receiver that does the same thing. And you might be considering a technician to take a look at it at your cost.

Am fully aware of the inconvenience and stress this must have caused you. Losing your personal settings and recordings in you DVR could be frustrating.

Fortunately, we’ve found the solution to fix dish network not working. Using this fix could also help boost signal strength on Dish network. Most importantly, its cheap and can be set-up without the help of a technician.

To fix Dish network not working even when the receiver is in proper condition, get a fan. Yes a fan, when the dish network receiver heats up, it will start developing various issues from day to day. An external fan cools the system and enhance the performance of the the receiver.

Troubleshooting Dish Network Won’t Turn On

May be after turning off your dish network receiver, and started experiencing difficulties in turning on or stuck on starting up. Most times, when it comes up, you’ll experience signal strength issues on your Dish network. Also, you may experience your dish receiver turning it self on and off. Here’s the fix to get your receiver turn on and of effortlessly.

How to Hard Reset Your DISH Network Receiver

Disconnect your Dish receiver from the power source, Wait for some seconds and then plug it directly to the wall outlet (not on extension or stabilizer) this will bypass any power strips or surge protectors. The process may take from 5-10 minutes to complete. After that, your receiver will be working properly, also, the dish network signal strength will be restored after the reset.

How To Clear The Message Indicator On Receiver

Are you seeing a red light on the front of your TV box, this shows that there’s an unread message in your inbox. The red light will turn off immediately you open the unread message. Follow below step to read and delete messages on your cable box.

To clear red light on your TV box:

  1. Double click the MENU button on your TV remote.
  2. Click on Messages.
  3. Choose the unread message to open it.
  4. And press the X icon to delete it.

The red light on the front of the TV box will turn off immediately you read or delete the message.


  1. Proceed to Menu.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select System setup.
  4. Enter Pin code (default 0000).
  5. Press Free Scan.
  6. Choose Satellite Scan.
  7. To begin automatic scanning, tap the green button on your remote control.
  8. To proceed with manual scanning, select the satellite, then change ‘Transponder’ to “USER” and input the frequency parameters.

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