What is Amazon flex: how much do drivers make?

Ever wondered how Amazon gets your package to you so quickly? It’s not just because they use drones, although that’s certainly part of it. In addition to their large fulfillment center network, Amazon also uses a service called Amazon Flex to fulfill shipments. The Amazon Flex app enables anyone with a car and a smartphone … Read more

Puzzle Games Are Good For Brain Improvement – This Is Why

Free online puzzle games

Are you exhausted with regular office and home tasks and looking for any free online puzzle game to reset your brain. I got bored with home chores, power shut-downs, solving minor and significant problems at home also. There’s always a way out; I used jigsaw puzzles to get my self out of boredom. Free online … Read more

How To Use a Jigsaw Machine To Cut Curves, Carve woods, make straight lines & Maintenance

Jigsaw tools

This post is about how to maintain jigsaw and how to cut curves perfectly using the right . Jigsaw tool is an upgrade of the hand saw tool, its safer and easier to use. Another name for jigsaw is ‘reciprocating saw’ or ‘machine powered saw’ . It’s a power tool that works with either electricity … Read more