How To Fix Sirius Xm Radio Reception & Signal Problems

May be You’re driving around enjoying Sirius XM in the car. And sudden you experience an issue with reception. And within a short period of time, it goes away quickly. The following day, you have a similar problem with reception in exactly the same spot. Whenever you get there, you lose signal on your radio. How frustrating to start having this Sirius xm antenna problems in your exciting moment!!Screenshot-20200501-005144

If you have ever experienced such, you are really not walking alone as a lot of people are also experiencing such problems. For years now, many SiriusXM users have complained about this same issue. Thousands, possibly millions radio users, have the same problem but are mute about it. Those who do care to raise alarm and to find solution have all figured out the problem: T-Mobile’s cell sites cause problems with Sirius XM radio. It’s a fact. It’s been reported on the internet for some years. Step By Step How To Install Multi Tv Yourself

Why does this happen?

T-Mobile, like some cell providers, uses a system called AWS for some of its cell traffic. 

AWS is a technology that was developed to enable cell phone use one set of frequencies for broadcasting and a very different set for receiving. Although, this makes everything much more efficient as most phones receive a lot more data than they transmit.
However, T-Mobile makes use of two frequencies for data. One frequency set is in the 1700MHz range, while the other is in the 2100MHz range.

Together, they are known as Band 4. Sirius XM uses the range from 2332 to 2345MHz for its services. While that’s far enough from the Band 4 frequencies that there are not supposed to be interference, there is.

Therefore, as frequencies get higher the wavelengths get shorter. There is only about one millimeter difference that exist between 2100MHz’s wavelength and 2345MHz’s wavelength. Because antennas do their best work when they are close to the same size as the wavelength they pick up, that’s a problem. An antenna designed for 2345MHz (like a SiriusXM antenna) is also going to do a very good job picking up 2100MHz (T-Mobile’s frequency.)
So, if you drive close to a T-Mobile cell site, the 2100MHz signal is so strong that it literally conquers your radio. That’s why you get interference issues. 5 Fixes To Try when Sirius xm Radio Antenna Keeps Loosing Signal

How can I fix Sirius xm antenna problems?

There are two possible ways to fix Sirius xm antenna problems : First you could have better quality antennas that are more closely tuned to the frequencies they pick up. This would help somewhat but probably not a lot.
You can also build in what’s called a notch filter. What is a notch filter? A notch filter lets some frequencies through and masks others.

This would specifically let the SiriusXM frequencies through and reject the other frequencies. This would probably work unless the T-Mobile frequencies were so strong that they were actually interfering with the antenna’s reception.

How To refresh your sirius radio to solve Sirius xm antenna problems

Here’s how to check if your Sirius radio need a refresh. If you have a Sirius radio and you subscribe to the Mostly Music package, follow below guide before you turn on your radio.

1) Wait for 3-5 minutes for your radio to update. And do not change channels until the update is complete.

2) After the radio update is completed, tune to channel 62 and you should hear Bluegrass Junction.

3) Once you start hearing Bluegrass Junction, you’re all set! You do not need a refresh.

However, If you hear nothing, or the channel number does not display, or you see a message such as “unsubscribed channel,” you will have to refresh your sirius radio.

Follow these Steps to Refresh Your Sirius Radio:

Sirius xm radio keeps saying no signal

Refreshing your radio is a quick and easy process that you can do at either online (recommended) or by phone.

1) Before you getting started! Provide your 12-digit Radio ID (or ESN#) . (Don’t know it? See “How to Find my Radio ID/ESN” below or check the communication you may have received from SiriusXM.) 2) Choose one of these two convenient options:
Go to and follow the easy instructions. Call 1-855-MYREFRESH (697-3373) and follow the prompts. (This is a toll-free call). Do it your self; Your Sky Digital Box Has No Signal

If your radio is inside your Vehicle, the simplest way to request a refresh is from your smartphone or any other mobile device while you are inside your vehicle, since your radio is or can be turned “on” to receive the refresh signal. Ensure that the antenna of your radio is facing skyward, turn on your Sirius radio and tune to channel 184 and your vehicle is NOT in the garage.
Then proceed to using your smartphone or any other mobile device, click the “Refresh My Radio” button, which is located right on the home screen. Input your Radio ID and your refresh signal will be sent in moments.
If you mistakenly miss the refresh signal, please repeat the process above.

How to find your Radio ID/ESN: For many Sirius radios you can easily tune to channel 0 and the 12-digit Radio ID (also ESN, or SID) will be shown. If it doesn’t appear, your Radio ID may also be found by accessing the Menu function of your radio (you can refer to your owner’s manual for specific instructions).

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