How To Use A Multimeter To measure Antenna Signal Strength

How to use multimeter

Every antenna receives radio signals which is transmitted through a conductive wire to the gadget by generating a small electrical impulse. However, you can use electrical multimeter to test signal traveling down an antenna and to the receiving device. Thus, any error in this electrical circuit can cause the signal to be interrupted. How to boost Cable TV Signal Strength

In the same way, if the antenna isn’t well grounded, the signal may receive interference from the electrical potential of the antenna. Therefore, you can use a multimeter to measure the resistance of an antenna circuit using the “Ohms” setting on the multimeter.
Set the multimeter to measure ohms, which is represented by the “Ω” symbol.

Now, unplug the antenna cable from the receiving device. For instance, if you want to test the signal on your car’s antenna, remove the antenna cable from the back of the radio. What To Do When Dish Tv Says No Signal On Tv

Use one lead of the multimeter to touch the metal part of the antenna and also touch the other lead to the metal core of the cable. Note: The ohms reading should be zero. If the resistance is more than that, the antenna or cable is damaged, and prevent signal from reaching the reception device.

Use the multimeter lead to touch the metal jacket in the antenna cable connector. After that, touch the other end to a grounded object. For instance, if you are testing a car, where to touch with the multimeter lead is the metal part of the car’s frame. Hence, the reading should, again be zero. If otherwise, the antenna is not grounded.

How to use a multimeter to measure voltage

How to Test a Wiring Harness

Items are connected using wire harnesses, using series of wires in one bundle. When any of these devices malfunctions, you can use a multimeter to test voltage and continuity along the individual wires in a harness. Complete M-net Tv Shows On Dstv & Gotv

Testing Voltage

Disconnect the end of the harness that feeds the gadget. For instance, remove the plug on the back side of the vehicle’s in-dash radio.
Now, Set the switch on the multimeter to “DC,” and then set the meter to the expected range of operation. In a mobile environment, that will range from 11 to 16 volts DC.

Touch the black (negative) lead to bare metal on the vehicle and then touch the red (positive) lead to the wires in the harness that is been tested.

Use the key to turn the vehicle to the “ACC” position. And then, observe the reading on the meter. It should read within the 11-16 volt range; most commonly, 12-13.3.

Testing Continuity

Ensure the power to the harness feeding the device is disconnected.
Disconnect both ends of the harness to be tested.

Finally, turn the switch to the “resistance” setting on the multimeter. This setting is shown by an image of an arrow pointing towards a positive (“+”) symbol.


How To use multimeter to Test Your Antenna Signal

Cable TV Signal Strength

This article is intended to show you how to test your HDTV antenna signal strength. To do this you will need to purchase an antenna signal strength meter readily available on Amazon for a reasonable price. How to get a Sling TV 7 days free trial; step by step

Once you have your meter in hand follow these simple steps to test and dial-in your antenna for optimal signal quality. Before going into details, I will recommend the use of KING SL1000 SureLock TV Signal Meter. Follow below steps to test cable TV antenna signal;

Step 1:
Remove the antennas RG6 coaxial cable from the television or tuner. The idea here is to install your antenna signal meter in-line between your antenna and your television set or tuner. This will enable your antenna signal to pass through the measuring device so that you can locate the optimal direction for your antenna for a given channel.

Step 2:
Join the antennas “F” connector, or “RG6” connector to the outlet on your antenna signal meter marked “Antenna”. Ensure sure this is the cable coming in from your antenna.

Step 3:
After that, connect the television or tuner to the socket on your antenna signal meter marked “TV”. This connection will complete the in-line connection from your antenna, to the KING SL1000 SureLock TV Signal Meter, to your television.

Step 4:
Turn ON your antenna signal meter, and also tune-in the lowest broadcast channel in your area. This is going to be the starting point of our tests.

Step 5:
Slowly turn your antenna 360 degrees and pause at the highest antenna signal strength. On the KING SL1000 SureLock TV Signal Meter which will be the green LEDs. The more LEDs that you have illuminated, the more the incoming signal strength will be.

Step 6:
Read the direction of the highest antenna signal with a compass and record the result. However, If you don’t have a compass try and get one as they are not expensive. Using wrist watch compass be cheaper.

Step 7:
Repeat step 4 and 5 for each channel recording each result. Moreover, the next thing to do is increment to the next channel and repeat steps 4 and 5. Tune in the channel and record the direction of the highest signal level for the channel.

Step 8:
You should use compass readings to calculate an average for optimal signal strength if you don’t have a rotor and also point your antenna in that direction. In the other hand, if you have a rotor, make a list of optimal directions for each channel. In conclusion, the KING SL1000 SureLock TV Signal Meter is not only used to test or as signal strength meter, but also as an antenna signal troubleshooting device.
That is it.

I Hope you enjoyed it as I walk you through steps to used multimeter to test antenna signal strength and also measure voltage. Use the comment box to share your view.

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