How To fix Dish Tv No Signal

How to align a satellite dish
How to align a satellite dish

Hello guys, Today I’m gonna teach you how to fix dish TV no signal, Some time you may be experiencing small freezing in pictures or no or bad signal. You can fix it yourself to save the money supposed to pay for satellite tv installer or a professional. Moreover, irrespective of the satellite tv package you are using whether it is DirecTV Or Dish Network Or DStv. Follow below step by step guide to fix no satellite dish signal. How to Hard Reset Your DISH Network Receiver

Troubleshooting of Satellite Receiver & Cable

Dish TV no signal

This is what to do when your dish tv says no signal or signal not found you on your satellite dish, be it dish tv, DirecTV, dstv etc,The first thing that runs to your mind is to confirm if your neighbor comfortably watching that particular channels or if it went OFF temporarily as a result of technical maintenance upgrade. As usually happened to TStv.

Although, You can also check coaxial cable if it still intact. You may need to trace the cable from dish or antenna to the receiver or decoder and ensure there’s no breakage. Also check the F-connector hold the coaxial cable together at both end. DStv opens Supersport channels to non-premium subscribers

In some cases, bad weather can also cause lost of signal or weak signal to your satellite dish or TV antenna. Taking for instance if there’s lightening and thunder, therefore if you’re experiencing lost of signal or lost of signal on some channels while others are showing perfectly, then the decoder or receiver might have developed tuner fault or LNB itself. To fix satellite dish signal for DISH TV, DIRECTV, DSTV and others, firstly confirm that the coaxial and F-connector are tightly connected. Most importantly, Power Off when its raining and it may also needs to reboot or do factory reset to work properly.

what to do when your dish tv says no signal: Adjust Or Re-align Satellite Dish

After dish network troubleshooting no signal, you may need to adjust or realign  your satellite dish, simply because the base and elevation might shift. To fix dish network no signal on TV, You will need to provide these required tools before climbing the ladder.

Requirement Tools or Equipment

  • A strong ladder with adequate height to reach satellite dish height
  • Crescent wrench of various size depending on the size of the satellite dish
  • A compass
  • A digital TV receiver, decoder or TV box
  • Television
  • Signal meter or signal finder

If you experiencing dish network no signal on tv 2, Weak signal or searching for signal message just appeared on your TV Screen. You should remove the power cord from either Dish Network or DirecTV Network or DStv receiver for few seconds. In the same vein, If the dish network troubleshooting no signal didn’t fix the no signal problem, then you needs to re-align or adjust your satellite dish by adjusting the elevation and azimuth settings. Maintenance Services Rendered By Enecon

How To Adjust or Re-align A Satellite Dish Signal

You can fix dish network no signal by adjusting or re-align dish. Use signal meter to monitor the signal and below are steps on how to use signal meter or satfinder:

  • Press Menu
  • Choose Installation and press ok
  • Select the appropriates satellite
  • Input the transponder/frequency or select the right transponder from the list

Step by step methods to align or adjust your dish network, they are as follows:

  • Go to the mast and make sure it is level
  • Adjust the azimuth or rotational of the satellite dish
  • Adjust the elevation of the satellite dish

Precautions And Tips

  • Make sure the dish is well placed on a level surface to avoid failing.
  • Ensures that the dish is hold firmly to prevent wound to your finger and body.
  • Gently adjust and realign the dish if necessary and gently re-mount without causing harm to the satellite dish.
  • Tighten the sleeve nuts both on elevation and azimuth, but still movable for easy installation
dish network says no signal
dish network says no signal

How To Adjust The Elevation And Azimuth Of The Satellite Dish

To make it clearer, let’s start by knowing what is elevation, Elevation refers to as the movement of the vertically(up and down) towards a given satellite angle degree. To fix or adjust the elevation or Inclination of your satellite dish, you need to follow the below procedures:

  • Make use of compass to check the East and West position.
  • Mount the dish in an open space or a place where it is totally free from obstructions from trees, building and ensure that it levels with the ground perpendicular to 90 degree.
  • Loosen the elevation bolts and tights nuts a tittle bit but not totally and make sure that the dish is still turnable.
  • And then begin to move your dish up and down/left to right slowly while observing the signal finder to point out the signal point until highest signal quality is achieved.
  • Tighten the elevation bolts and sleeve nuts completely to avoid loss of signal.

LNB Adjustement Or Placement

LNB placement can result to lost of signal as a result of the focal length not accurate. Although due to transponder switches (change from one frequency to another) you will have to adjust the LNB either twist from up or down. The case of focal length always occur in wide band dish. Finally if you realized that the LNB is completely damage, I will recommend to change the LNB with low noise figure 0.2db. Even if you have never try to install satellite dish by yourself , following the above guide can give you a clue to try today.

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