Steps to fix hulu App not working on Apple & Samsung TV

Just like other streaming services, Hulu offers various live T.V channels. With it’s flexible subscription, you can watch live TV shows, sports and movies. However, there exist some errors users face daily for instance Hulu app not working on Apple Tv and Samsung TV. And with feedbacks and comments, we have decided to guide you on how to fix hulu app problems on Apple & Samsung TV.

Hulu App not working on Apple TV

After installing Hulu app on your Apple TV, now you can watch on-demand movies and TV shows. However, if you experience any error when streaming, check the there’s a change in network connection. Also wrong settings during installation on Apple TV can contribute to errors while streaming. Therefore, if you identify the errors and narrowed down the causes, you can fix the Hulu errors in few minutes.

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Follow the below steps to fix Hulu app not working on Apple TV.

  • To start with, switch on your Apple TV and launch iMyfone Fixppo and then click on “standard mode” to start the recovery mode.
  • Search the program using the search bar and hit the download button when found.
  • After downloading the software, you can begin the foxing process and then wait for the process.
  • Check out the compatibility to install the Hulu app on your Apple TV and proceed to the next stage.
  • Restart the Apple TV using the reset button and then, go to update apps on Apple TV and then automatically update your apps.
  • Also, you can easily restart the Hulu app and then turn off send data to Apple and proceed to the general settings.
  • Choose the general settings and after that, restore Apple TV to factory settings and apply for the reset tab to start the Hulu on Apple TV.
  • After that, close all the internet tabs and then click on the “done” button at the end of the task.

After carefully going through the above steps you can now access your Hulu app using your Apple TV comfortably. In the same vein, if the error persists, you still experience Hulu not showing on Apple TV, reset the Apple TV. If that did not fix the issue, un-install and install the Hulu app on your device again.

How to Reset Hulu on Apple TV:

  • Switch on your Apple TV and navigate to Settings.
  • On the settings, choose Reset.
  • And then, select the Restore option.
  • Wait for a minute and your Apple TV reset is complete. Also, all the apps on your tv will reset including the HULU app.
  • If you wish not to reset the whole apps or your apple device, you can simply open the Hulu app separately to reset it to the factory settings.

With the above procedures, the issue of Hulu not working on Apple TV 4K is solved and you can now stream your favorite TV shows and on-demand videos with HULU on Apple Tv.

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How to fix Hulu app not working on Samsung smart TV:

If you experience Hulu App not working on Samsung smart tv or Hulu App not loading, it’s frozen, unresponsive, black screen, or stuck on loading or showing error codes or other errors with the HULU app on Samsung smart tv, it can easily be fixed. You can simply fix the Hulu app not working on Samsung smart TV by following the below guide.

How to Reboot your Samsung TV;

Step 1: power on the Samsung smart tv.

Step 2: using the remote and press and hold power button.

Step 3: keep holding the power button until the Samsung logo appears on your tv screen.

After the rebooting, the hulu app not working on Samsung smart TV should be resolved.

However, you can also fix your Samsung smart TV errors when streaaming by; Turning on your Samsung smart tv and Pull the plug the power cord from power outlet. Wait for few minutes and then plug it back. This will fix issues faced when streaming on Samsung smart TV.

How to reset network to fix hulu not working on Samsung Tv

Step 1: using the home button on your remote, navigate to settings.

Step 2: go to General Network and hit the “enter” button on your remote.

Step 3: navigate down and press on reset network and confirm by clicking YES.

Step 4: after that, set-up the network again and open HULU.

Now, you can go back to your viewing. However, clearing of cache and updating software will help to speed up connection in devices. So you can update your Samsung smart TV software or factory reset to fix the HULU app not working on Samsung smart TV.

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