How to fix fingerprint sensor not working on Android devices and iPhone

These days fingerprinting scanner is no longer something new. It is a common feature of economy class smartphones and not just characteristics of android and iPhone. A fingerprinting sensor serves to unlock your mobile device. It protects your device and keeps it away from unauthorized access. It is used as a means to protect certain … Read more

7 Simple Steps To Speed Up My Android Phone

How to speed up my android phone explained in detailsĀ  When it comes to mobile devices, the easily accessibility of the Android system brings out convenience and the easy to use andĀ  customization. This one issue that seems to degrade Android devices is the increase in lagging that appears over time in android, seriously this … Read more

Step by step guide to Reduce Data Usage on Android, iPhone

Below Are Ways to Reduce Data Usage on Android and iPhone 1. Put a Limit in your data usage in Android Settings. Putting a limit to your monthly mobile data usage is the simplest thing you can do to reduce the amounts of data your phone uses without your knowledge. the best thing to do … Read more

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