Troubleshooting: How to fix Netflix

How to fix Netflix
How to fix Netflix

Netflix issues

Netflix app on tv

Netflix solutions

Netflix has turned to be one of the most-popular video streaming services in the world but that doesn’t make it a fun to use always. As a result of reliance on apps, internet connectivity, and third-party hardware may at times result in the Netflix not working: if you don’t know how to fix Netflix error, you may face alot like the official apps crashing, not opening properly, not being able to display movies and TV shows, or even just loading a black screen on your TV set or tablet.

In this post is a step by step guide to troubleshoot your Netflix not working properly on your smartphone, how to fix netflix on your ptablet, Samsung smart TV, amazon firestick, Roku, or Xbox One and PlayStation 4 video game console.

General Netflix App Troubleshooting to Try First

Even though the Netflix app can be obtained in a lot of platforms, there are some solutions for fixing a faulty app that functions across the board no matter what device you’re using.

Check if Netflix is down. If the Netflix app fails to load or a film or TV show won’t start, it could be as a result of Netflix service itself being down or offline. How to check if Netflix is down; open another app on the same device that also uses the internet such as YouTube. If the app is working properly know it that the issue could be with Netflix’s servers. You can also check the Netflix service status on the official website’s Is Netflix Down?. Restart your device, restarting your device will really fix a faulty app or system problem.

Examin your internet connection or phone signal. If your internet connection is down, your Netflix won’t work. Ensure your Wi-Fi or cellular connection is turned on and that your device Airplane mode is not turned on by accident. Also check other apps to see if they can connect to the internet.

On and off your internet connection. If your internet  connection is down or seems to be connected but apps aren’t working as usual, the problem may be coming from your internet service provider. One easy method to fix this is to reboot your connection to your provider by turning off your router and removing all of its cables from the extension. Wait for like 3 minutes before plugging everything in again and turning it back on.

Update your Netflix app. As with a system update, it’s also important to keep your Netflix app up-to-date as the latest version may be required to run on your device or to connect to the Netflix servers to stream media. Performing an app update could also fix any Netflix error codes that you’re getting.

Log out of Netflix and then Log in again. This is a simple solution but has an effective fix and it only takes a few minutes to do.

Reinstall the Netflix app. Often deleting the Netflix app and reinstalling it will fix any issues you’re experiencing. Unianstalling and reinstalling an app is fairly easy to do on majority of devices and usually only needs downloading it again from the relevant app store.

If you’re still having trouble reinstalling Netflix on a Samsung smart TV, select the Netflix app using your cursor, click the Toolsbutton on your remote, and then tap on Reinstall.

Sign out of Netflix on all devices. Occasionally, using Netflix on multiple devices, even if your membership allows it, can result to conflicts within the Netflix servers. This can be solved by logging out of Netflix on all device all at once. You can do this on the Netflix website in the Account settings that are Seeing in the top-right icon after logging in. Ensure to click on Sign out of all devices, wait for like 2 – 3 minutes, and then log back with your device again.

Update your operating system. If you are using a smart TV, gaming console, smartphone, or a tablet, you should always check and try to keep it up-to-date with the latest operating system as most apps will cease to work if they know a system update is available. A system update can fix any bugs that may be stopping the Netflix app from functioning very well. Obviously, we listed this last because it’s a bit on the extreme end of things to try/do.

Netflix app on tv
Netflix app on tv

How to Fix Netflix on a Samsung Smart TV

What is Smart TV? Smart TVs are television sets that allow installation of apps directly onto them without using  any additional hardware. Official Netflix app for some smart TVs are already available and, unfortunately, Samsung’s smart TVs are also known to experience some issues with it.

Here are some fixes to try if the above troubleshooting tips fail to fix  Netflix problem on Samsung smart TV.

Unplug your Samsung smart TV for 20 seconds. Switching the TV on and off again may also work but leaving it off for at least 20 seconds enables everything to entirely reset and start afresh when it’s turned on next.

Disable Samsung Instant On.  Enabling your Samsung Instant On will get your TV up and running faster but this feature can also conflict with some other functions and even some apps installed on the Samsung smart TV such as Netflix. Turning it off might get everything working well again. To disable Samsung Instant On, go to Settings and then tap on General to find disable the option.

Perform a hard reset. This option should absolutely be the last thing you try when trying to get your Netflix app working again on your Samsung smart TV. Performing a hard reset will return your TV to its factory settings and definitely will delete all your smart TV apps and settings. Thankfully, performing a TV hard reset is something that the Samsung remote management team can do within 5-10 minutes. Simply contact Samsung technical support on 800-SAMSUNGand request for the Samsung remote management team to perform a hard reset on your smart TV set.

How to Fix Netflix on a Roku

If the above solutions don’t work in getting the Netflix app working on your Roku, there may be need to deactivate your connection to the app and then reactivate it. Below is how to fix Netflix on each Roku model by deactivating and activating it.

Roku 1: tap on the Home button on your Roku controller and click on the Settings and then Netflix Settings. You will see the option that says Disable. Click on it.
Roku 2: From the Home Menu, highlight the Netflix app icon and click. on the star key on your Roku remote. Now click on Remove channel and then tap on it again to confirm the deactivation.
Roku 3: within the Netflix app, move the cursor to the left side to launch the Netflix menu. Tap on Settings and then click on Sign out and then Yes.

As from Dec.1, 2019, Netflix will no longer supports older Roku devices. The streamer states that “technical limitations” prohibit support for the following Roku models: Roku 2050X, Roku 2100X, Roku 2000C, Roku HD Player, Roku SD Player, Roku XR Player and Roku SD Player.

How to Fix Netflix on an Xbox One Console

Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles feature a lot of well known streaming apps such as Twitch, YouTube, and also Netflix. If you’re facing issues getting the Xbox One Netflix app working properly and you’ve attempted all of the general advice stated above, you may need to try the following fixes.

Try and see if the Xbox Live is down. Many Xbox One apps and features will not work if the Xbox Live online service is down.

To see if it’s working, visit the official Xbox Live Status web page and confirm if the green checkmark next to All apps are operating normally. If you see a checkmark, then it means Xbox Live app functionality is working properly and the Netflix app problem is maybe caused by something else. If there isn’t a checkmark close to it, then parts of Xbox Live might have gone down and you’ll have to exercise patience for it to come online again. This might take some couple of minutes to a few hours.

Close the Xbox One Netflix app. If the Netflix app is buggy on your Xbox One, you should quit it and re-open it again. To perform this, tap the circle X button on the center of your Xbox controller to start up the guide and choose the Netflix app from the dropdown list of recently used apps. Once it’s shown, click the menu button with the three lines on of your controller and then tap Quit from the popup menu. Netflix should entirely close and you can now open it again as per usual.

Netflix solutions
Netflix solutions

How to Fix Netflix on a PlayStation 4 Console

Like the Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is capable of streaming apps like Netflix. If you’re facing issues with your Netflix app on your PS4, try the following two solutions to fix your Netflix error in addition to the tips at the top of the page.

Check if the PSN is down. If the PlayStation Network online service is down, it might be the reason some of the apps are not working very properly. You can check if PSN is running via its official status page.

Quit the PS4 Netflix app. PlayStation 4 apps continues to run in the background even if you switch to a video game or to another app. Closing your opening your apps can not only improve the performance of your PS4 but will also refresh the apps to fix any bugs that you may encounter. To close a PS4 app, highlight its icon on the home screen and tap on the Options button on your PS4 controller. A new menu will pop up with the option, Close Application. Tap on it to close the Netflix app and reopen it again as you usually would.

How to Get Netflix Using a TV App

Perhaps the most simplest way to get Netflix on your TV is with a Smart TV Netflix App. This app is available on Smart TVs from LG, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, and others, Netflix app functions similarly to the browser version, though you might not see your DVD queue if you have one.

Opening a Netflix on a Smart TV varies depending on the brand; some models already have a Netflix button on the remote, while some others have a button for their respective Smart TV platform. Check your TV’s manual to find out how to open and log into the Netflix app.

Are you encountering a Playback issue? ensure your Smart TV and Netflix app are up to date.

Connect your Netflix to TV with the use of Media Player, Game Console, Blu-Ray Player, or Cable TV Subscription
There are various devices capable of streaming Netflix, some of which you may may be available in in your home. These include:

Media Players: Devices like the Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Nvidia Shield also contains Netflix apps. Depending on the device, it may already have Netflix installed, or you might have to visit the company’s app store to install it. On Apple TV, you can opt-in to be billed for Netflix through iTunes rather than directly through Netflix.

Game Consoles: Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles also contain Netflix apps. Go to the respective app store to download it.
Cable TV Set-Top Boxes: Some cable providers shows off Netflix as part of a cable package, including Dish TV, RCN, and Xfinity. The Xfinity X1 set-top box also contains entertainment platform where users can access the Netflix app. some other providers offer Netflix as another channel in their lineup. Contact your local provider for further information.
Blu-Ray Players: Brands including LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, and Toshiba have a Netflix option on their players. In some cases, users can access the Netflix platform on the player’s video menu.
Laptops: You can view Netflix on your computer, of course, but you can also connect that screen to your TV using an HDMI cable.

Netflix issues
Netflix issues

How to Connect Netflix to TV From a Phone

The Chromecast device enables you to watch Netflix (and other streaming services) on your Android or iOS devices or laptop and then cast it to your TV. To set it up:

Plug the Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port.


Connect Chromecast to your Wi-Fi network.

ensure your smartphone or tablet is on the same network.

Open Netflix on your device.

Click the Cast button in the app.

Find and play the Netflix content you’d like to watch.

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