Gotv VS Startimes: Which One is Best Cable TV to Buy in Nigeria?

Its obvious that a lots of similarities and few differences exist between top cable TV in Nigeria. GotvĀ andĀ Startimes have a lot in common but from this post you will know which one is actually the best for you. The world has really gone digital and we have switched from terrestrial/analog TV broadcasting to digital broadcasting, … Read more

How to pay for Startimes subscription online

In this post we’ll show you step by step how to check your StarTimes subscription status, plan and StarTimes payment online. It is very simple and cheaper as there is even no need to go to office to recharge your StarTimes. How to subscribe for Startimes online Paying StarTimes subscription has become much easier. What … Read more

StarTimes Nigeria Bouquet & subscription prices

StarTimes Nigeria is a subsidiary of Startimes Media. This is a Chinese based company which provides Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Network Services in Nigeria. Introduced in 1988 in China, StarTimes currently functions in 8 African Countries namely; Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Guinea, Central African Republic, and Burundi. Startimes Nigeria TV Network is a joint … Read more