Quick Way To Recover Lost Amazon Gift Card Today

If you misplaced your Amazon gift card with receipt, we’ll be of help with this article. Although, its not certain if you will see who redeemed a gift card but yet, some steps are available to give a try if you really want to get back a lost Amazon gift card.

How to check if your amazon gift card has been redeemed

Double tapping the redeem button twice when redeeming Amazon gift card code could result to error displaying ‘card already been used‘. This is because the message is coming from the most recent attempt. Lost Amazon gift card

If you found your stollen or lost gift card and wants to confirm if it has been redeemed or maybe you have doubt whether your newly purchased card redeeming was successful, here’s how to check if Amazon gift card has been redeemed:

  • Proceed to Amazon.com and sign in to your account.
  • Tap Accounts & Lists menu option.
  • While on the Your Account Page, tap on the Gift Cards tile.
  • Now you can see your gift card balance and see if its redeemed successfully.

However, follow here to check your gift card balance without redeeming.

how to see who redeemed amazon gift card & recover

From comments and questions we’ve been receiving from various platforms, we discovered that lots of people have been trying to see who redeemed amazon gift card that got lost or stolen. So, if you accidentally lost a physical Amazon.com Gift Card with receipt this post is for you.

Can you see who redeemed an Amazon gift cardStolen Amazon gift

To have a chance in recovering a physical lost Amazon gift card, assistance will be needed. This could be the easiest way to  get a replacement. Convincing Amazon that your gift card bought at store got stolen before redeeming it can result to getting a replacement. 4 Ways To Get US Amazon Gift Cards – Free & Paid

However, if you don’t get a refund, the only option left is to contact the store that sold it to you and then the police. The police will surely contact Amazon which will require a subpoena. But also, its unlikely for the police to proceed with the investigation if its only about a stolen Amazon gift card and not part of something bigger.

Therefore, convincing the police and DA will be a huge step in recover a physical stolen Amazon gift card. However, be assured that investigations worth thousands of dollars won’t be carried out for just $100 gift card. So, the perfect way to recover a physical stolen Amazon gift card is by convincing amazon that it got stolen or lost. But its impossible to see who redeemed amazon gift card even if you contact Amazon.

How to recover an electronically delivered gift card

To get back your lost Gift Card that was  delivered electronically from Amazon.com, resend the Gift Card from the Your Orders page. Provide the following to get started:

  • Order number (if available)
  • Buyer’s and recipient’s name
  • The e-mail address to which the gift card was sent

After making available all required information, follow this link to amazon.com to get started. However, if you have fandango gift card, here’s what you need to get the most out of it.

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