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Steps on fixing network and network mast issues in our areas; technology transfer process

Steps on fixing and maintaining network and network mast in urban and rural areas

computer networking

computer networking

Some times when we get so in need of our mobile phone either to make call or to browse the internet of sometimes to catch fun or for the sake of having your phone, we sometimes encounter some challenges that is not usual some of this experiences do make us to ask what is computer networking but this is not what we will discuss here now. Some of this challenges go a long way to spoil what we have in mind at the moment, imagine being called up to do an important thing online only to discover that there is some thing holding you from doing your duty or catching fun.

Network problem is one of those problems that have made some people deprived their desire job as result of being not informed because of poor network. Network problem in some areas have gone far to be a culture and people in such places are already getting use to it and its not suppose to be so it leads us to be asking what is computer networking. These are some negative effects of poor network;

human activity on network

human activity on network

  • It can keep one out of reach from others
  • Network problem can cost you your desire job
  • It can make you not be informed of coming interview
  • It can be so dangerous to health especially when there is medical emergency and so on.
  • This are the most cruel disadvantage of poor network in our society. One may wonder why I did not put any thing about social media in the above point, it is because even social media effect is the same with the above mentioned.

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In the other hand, positive network is very essential for full usage of technology devices. A situation where there is strong and steady network, it tends to make life more easy and enjoyable, the study of computer networking was aimed to address the issue of no network but its to no affair. There are numerous advantages of strong network and they are as follows;

  • Impacts positively in learning and learning skills
  • Strong network helps in medical sector
  • It improves communication
  • It makes life easy and fun
  • It helps in time of emergency

These are just but few of the good that good network have in stock. When well examined, one will see that all this come to one conclusion which is that there is no disadvantages of good network. At this point I will say that even doe there is no disadvantages of network and computer networking,  there are still some challenges facing it. This factors are what change good network to bad network or still turn bad network to worse network. Here we will list some of those features that influences network negatively .

  • Heavy rain fall
  • Thunder storm
  • Wind
  • Human activity

There are so many things that influence network badly but the above listed are the major ones and are what we are going to look into;

Heavy rainfall-  heavy rainfall can negatively influence the network especially when it goes hard, it does so by affecting the network mast and their by making it not to work properly and thereby causing the network to be poor or even not to be available.

Heavy rainfall can equally influence network by affecting the atmosphere. This is possible when there is a long and heavy rain fall, its not always  but still contributes to it.

Thunder storm- this can very dangerous not only to network connection but to human beings. Thunder storm can negatively affect network when it get in contact with the network masts, it is capable of destroying the mast it self and thereby worsening the situation.

There are many incidents where thunderstorm affected network masks  and caused it to shut down. This will be automatic shut down of network also.

Wind-  wind can greatly affect network if not strong. Wind is one factor that always promote issues be it good or bad. Heavy wind can uncouple coupled gadgets in the network mast and thereby making it not to work properly. Bad network may be turned to worse by wind.

Human activity – these is the last in my list but not the list in my list. It is one if not the main factor that tends to change network from good to bad, from bad to worse, from worse to no network. Human activity on network connection can be so cruel and may heavily affects network if not controlled.

human activity on network

human activity on network

Human activity is all about human doing, this is to say that its what we do, how we do it , for instance some people will go and plant trees near a network mast and this will affect the network heavily when the tree must have grown. Some people do bush burning in areas that network mast is present. This bush burning near a network mast can equally cause damage to the network mast as a result of heat from the fire and can affect the computer networking process .

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Ways to control network and network challenges in our society

There are somany ways to control network problem in our society and they include ;

  • Proper taking care of the mast by the network providers,
  • Wind control system
  • The use of thunder protector
  • Avoiding bush burning in area close to network mast
  • Limiting our activities near network masts gadget
  • The use of Rain control systems

Ways communities can stop or limit network challenges in the area

Various communities that have their common interest at hand can come together to limit the issues of network failures in the society. There are many ways to do this and they are as follows;

community solution to network problems

community solution to network problems

  • By making law that will make it an offense to perform bush burning near various locations that network mast gadgets are present.
  • By helping to clear bushes near the mast.
  • By not planting trees near the mast
  • Protecting the network mast from thieves that are after the gadgets.
  • Always notifying the network providers when ever there is network shut brake down.
  • Helping to maintain network mast in rural areas.
  • Filling a report to the head office whenever its time to service the network mast and the workers are not yet sighted.

there some other simple network problems and how to fix it.

When there is sufficient network in the environment and still you are locked out from this privilege, then you should know that there is something wrong with your device in particularly, some of this problems include;

Not receiving and making– if you neither receiving or making calls at a time that others are enjoying it at full then you need to understand that you are having a personal network issue.  This may be as a result of bad network at the moment, if you notice that it is as a result of bad network then you don’t have to do any thing, just wait for the problem to correct itself. It you feel otherwise then you need to check you device network antenna , clean it properly , remove the SIM Card and clean the SIM contact with spirit and then fix it back. If the problem persists take it to a professional.

Data connection issues- data connection issues can be so disturbing, this is one network challenge that affect -all online users. Data connection is now running about 80% of all been done with a mobile device, desktop or any other electronic device that can be used to access the internet. Bad network can greatly affect all our activities. There are so many ways one can fix data connection issues, this include by turning off the phone and on it again. Check your data if its still remaining, enable your airplane mode and disable it then check if it will connect. If it does not work then you need to take it to a professional.

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Lets look at technology transfer process – Technology in the other side of science

                                            Basic concepts of science and technology

technology transfer procee

technology transfer proces

Science is the product of deductive reasoning, it is a research done by an individual or group of individuals. It is a collective ideas or knowledge of people whose primary aim is to use their ideas to solve a common problem.

Technology in the other hand is the end product of research done by scientists. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to solve problems.

                                                         Technology transfer process

Technology transfer is the transfer of technology from the north to south.  There are two types of technology transfer  and requirements. This will be seen below;

                                           Types of technology transfer process

types of technology transfer

types of technology transfer

  • Appropriate technology transfer process ; appropriate technology transfer is a form of technology transfer that does not hinder the development of momentum of the recipient region.

 Requirement for appropriate technology transfer

  • Capital
  • Manpower
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Inappropriate technology transfer process ; inappropriate technology transfer is the type of technology transfer that becomes a problem to the recipient region.

Major cause of inappropriate technology transfer

  • Lack of capital
  • Lack of manpower
  • Lack of education
  • Lack of religion

                            Application of science technology

application of technology transfer

application of technology transfer

  • Education ; now, its easy to acquire knowledge online with the aid of technology . formal knowledge can be acquired with out being physically present.
  • Health care centre; technology has helped a lot in the health sector. In diagnosis , and other medical services has improved much since the introduction of technology in the medical sector.
  • Transportation; since the introduction of science and technology, there is no much challenge of traffic in the roads. The use of traffic light and other traffic regulating devices has reduced traffic challenges.

Science and technology has disadvantages but the disadvantages have a lower percent compared to the advantages. Here are few disadvantages of science and technology.

  • Employment ; tech has made it easy to do a lot of work with just one device, this has made it possible for organizations to run their daily activities without many manpower.
  • Pollution; tech waste has been described as the most toxic waste as it can cause a lot of harm to individuals and the environment.


In 1976, a scientists doing research about computer networking named Barroson proposed the concept of tech transfer; he stated that tech transfer can only involve from high institutions. This law was proved wrong by bill gates’ micro soft. technology transfer processes

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