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How to setup MYTV, subscription payment & frequency

In this article, am going to walk you through mytv Satellite, Position, Frequency, Polarization And Symbol Rate, how to install MYTV. When setting up MyTV Smart you have to point your dish to Eutelsat 16A at 16e as the satellite using transponder/frequency 12525 H 30000

Easy Guide To Get Spectrum Tv Without A Cable Box

Are you a spectrum TV subscriber? Do you know that you can bypass spectrum cable box and yet get all of the Charter channels you currently subscribe to without paying a dime? Yes this is possible, all you need is four things: Charter Internet, A

How To Watch Tv On Sky Box Without Subscription

Do you want to cut cord? Or you want to watch TV on sky box without subscription for some reasons. This detailed guide will show you how to do it yourself. Having various choices of selection of entertainment, movie and sports channels to choose from,