How To Lower Cable TV And Internet Bill

With no doubt, Cable bills never get cheaper rather, it keeps increasing. This makes middle-class households to keep aside cable box most times to lower cable bill. To save money on monthly cable costs, individuals stream videos and live events on public Internet. How discomforting that could be.

For some reason, you may want to have an average cable and internet bill. Here are effective ways I used to lower spectrum bill, it could work for you also.

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How to lower cable and Internet bills

Negotiate a lower bill

There is no special tip to negotiate a lower cable bill with your service providers. Just contact the customer and have a word with them. You might succeed to get a discount or a flexible deal.

Pair Cable and internet

You might want to consider having both cable and internet in a bundle. This will save money on your monthly bundle costs. However, if you access internet from other sources, go with your usual bundle.

Pay for what you need

You can further cut cable costs by not adding services you don’t need. You could be convinced to adding services like a premium cable package that may not be necessary. So be specific and direct when paying for your monthly bundle.

Therefore, if what you want is a local channel or fast internet service to stream, go for it only. This will save you money and prevent the adding of services you’ll end not using.

Let go of some premium channels

As earlier stated, there are services added to your bundle that you will end not using. That includes some premium channels. You may add some channels for a particular tv show or series but could end up not making use of it as a result of many other services you added.

Removing some of these services will lower your cable bill. However, removing some of these services doesn’t mean you won’t be able to add them later. You can easily add them when they are needed. Maybe you added HBO to watch game of thrones, now it has ended, removing it would be the best option until the need arises again.

look for alternative

After using Cox cable for a period, I switched to charter spectrum in search of a cheaper alternative. I’m happy to say that I now enjoy the spectrum business Internet as I manage a small business in my area.

Don’t wait till you have nothing left before searching for another cable TV near you. Once you notice a continuous increase in cable bills, you might want to consider cutting your cable bills by switching to a different company. You could be in desperate need of a particular service but it’s way too costly, alternatively, switch to another cable company with a lesser bundle cost.

Go for a break

Maybe you can’t find an alternative to lower your cable bill, if possible give it a break. Using a digital tv antenna, you will get local channels that will keep you updated on happenings. You can as well switch to streaming services where you will have to pay for exactly and only what you want at a cheaper cost.

You can choose to go for either Netflix or Hulu. Netflix subscription starts at $8.99 per month, while you can subscribe to The Hulu base plan at $5.99 per month.

You can as well switch to sling TV or any other streaming service that would be suitable for you. Whichever choice you make ensure you cut cable bills wisely so it won’t affect your TV experience.

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