Step by Step How To Program Dish Network Remote & fixes

Dish Network’s satellite television service offers more than 200 channels including over 60 in HD. Programming includes major networks, premium channels, pay-per-view, sports, and first-run movies. To view the programming, a customer requires a remote control for their TV and for the Dish Network receiver.

However, Dish Network remote controls are programmed with a universal code. It is preprogrammed to operate up to eight other devices including televisions, VCRs, and cable boxes. The remote control contains two codes, a two-digit code, and a five-digit code. So, to complete the programming process, both codes are entered into the receiver.

Every remote has a series of buttons that you can use to activate different features. The remote that comes with your dish network receiver is usually a standard remote programmed to work with the most popular brands and models of TVs.

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In other words, it works with most TVs and stereos, but not every remote will work perfectly with every component. To use the remote on a specific component, you will need to program your remote to it. How to Hard Reset Your DISH Network Receiver

How to program dish network remote

  1. Download codes from
  2. Stand in front of the TV that you want to program the remote to
  3. Select the right code
  4. Press the button that you want to program to that code
  5. Enter the code that you downloaded into the remote
  6. Take off the battery cover
  7. Look at the remote to see if the light is blinking
  8. If it doesn’t blink try the next code
  9. If it blinks then repeat steps 4 through 7

The Dish Network remote is a sturdy device that you can use to control the set top box, as well as watch TV. However, sometimes the remote can stop working. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. Follow the below guide to get it working again. A-Z Dish Network Receiver Problems Solved (signal strength – not working)

Dish network remote troubleshooting

First, check the batteries. For replaceable batteries, open the battery compartment and take them out. You can as well use a battery to check if the remote is working. If the batteries are ok, check the outlet. Unplug the power cord from the power strip. Check the remote. If the power light is on, plug the power cord back in and try again.

What to do if your dish remote is not working

  1. Replace Batteries  
  2. Soft Reset  
  3. Hard Reset  
  4. Replace Remote

Dish network remote volume not working

If you have a broken remote volume controls, there is a simple fix for it. Shut off the dish network receiver, unplug it from the wall, remove the batteries from the remote and wait two minutes, and then plug it back in. Sometimes, this will fix the issue of dish network remote volume not working.

Summarily, to avoid issues with your remote after programming, ensure you correctly installed the batteries. Try a new set of batteries when the old ones are faulty. Call the dish network support number at 1-800-944-7413 for complaints.

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