Step By Step How To Fix Dstv Remote Not Working

DSTV has been in the market for a long time and is a select choice for persons who watch a lot of TVs. If you’re one of the Multichoice subscribers, you must be using the DSTV remote to control your decoder. It enables you to go through tv guide, DStv central, search and change channels from the comfort of your couch. And if your experience your DStv remote not working, here is how to get it responding to command.

In addition to the earlier stated, DStv remote control helps to change TV channels, raise the volume, and to explore your satellite TV settings. It’s simple and easy to program if you carefully follow the remote pairing instructions.

Dstv remote not working

However, you should know how to program DStv Remote to work on every decoder. First, you need to know that all DStv remotes are IR remotes. This simply means that they are operated by Infrared rays. So, for a faster response, you need to point the remote directly at the decoder.  .How do I clear error code e48-32 on Dstv

How To program DStv remote to decoder

By following the steps below, you will be able to connect your DStv remote to your decoder handily. To get started, you will need to have your decoder and remote handy.

To connect DStv remote to decoder, Turn on your TV. Make sure the TV is on the correct channel. Find the right IR code on the Dstv remote. Put in the IR code on the dstv remote.

So, after connecting DStv remote control to decoder and it stops responding. Here’s what to do to fix Dstv remote not working on Tv.

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How to fix DStv remote not working

You watching your favorite TV show on the DSTV decoder, and you are trying to switch channels with the remote control, but the remote doesn’t seem to be getting a signal. You press the buttons again and again and nothing happens. Now, what will you do if your DStv remote is not working? While it may seem that the remote is broken, it may be that there is something wrong with the signal. The first thing to do is check that the TV is on the correct channel. You should also check and see that the TV is plugged in and the power is on.

To fix Dstv remote not responding;

  1. Check the remote battery
  2. Replace the batteries
  3. Check if the remote is broken
  4. Check the remote is in the correct mode
  5. Inspect infrared signal
  6. Restart your decoder
  7. Reset the remote

Check the remote batteries

Check the remote batteries and confirm if it’s still able to power the remote. Most times, The remote is in order but due to weak batteries, it will stop responding. So, if after checking your Dstv remote control batteries and you find out that it has weakened, simply remove and replace it with a new one. You can equally replace a well-looking battery when you have checked everything that could stop your remote from working properly. This is because some batteries look active on sight but have a weak or dead cell.

Check if the remote is broken

If your Dstv remote is not responding it’s important to know if the remote is broken or not. So, before going straight to fix your remote, check and recheck if the remote is in working condition. Also, try changing channels using the remote just to be sure the fault is from it. So if your remote has trouble doing any of the above, then that means your remote is broken and you need to replace it.

Set the DStv to the correct mode

To set DStv remote to the any mode (TV1, TV2 or TV3) follow below guide

  • To set your Dstv remote to TV1, press and hold the button until you see a green light blinking on TV1.
  • If you see a green blink beneath the Back button, the remote is in TV2 mode. If it’s not on TV2 mode, you can easily set it by pressing and holding the Back button till the green light blinks on TV2.
  • To set your remote to TV3 simply press and hold the Back, and I button for a few seconds.
Dstv remote not responding

How to check for infrared signal.

The remote operates the TV or decoder through infrared signals. So, if your remote stops working or not responding when being used, check if it is still sending out IR signals. Here’s how to do it.

  • Launch your phone camera — either Android or iPhone;
  • Point your phone camera to the head of your DStv remote and press any button. If a white flash appears on your phone screen, then your note is working. On the contrary, you will have to replace the remote or batteries.

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Reset DStv remote

To reset your DStv remote,

  1. Press and hold the ARC and Standby button till the remote light deems amber.
  2. One’s the light changes, release the standby button while pressing the ARC button.
  3. Keep on holding the ARC button and dial 9499.
  4. After dialing the code, release the ARC button. Now the DStv remote reset is complete.

DStv remote app

DSTV app let’s you control your DSTV box using your mobile device. The app is free and let’s you control your TV, Recordings, Video Library, Video on Demand, Catch Up TV, your PVR, and even your set top box.  So, you will be able to record your favorite shows, schedule recording, watch your favorite movies all in an easy to use interface. All you have to do is download and setup the DStv remote app and your ready to go.

To download DStv remote app, go to on your mobile browser and click ‘download remote’. The app is free and available for both Android and iOS.

After download, you will have to set up your remote to be able to use it to control your TV. Follow the below guide to get it done.

To use your phone as Dstv remote, Install the Dstv Remote control app and Log into your account. Follow the prompt to link your Remote Control app to your Dstv account and it’s all set up. How to fix dstv issues

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