How to unlock & watch Dstv channels free

Dstv is one of the largest satellite television providers in South Africa. As of late 2013, there are 1.8 million subscribers in South Africa. Each subscriber is able to access over 130 channels including sports, news, movies and children’s channels, plus 14 High-definition channels. The service is delivered through a combination of satellite and terrestrial technology.

To receive TV signals from the satellite, a user has to install a satellite dish that is connected to a decoder. The decoder is connected to an aerial cable, which is connected to a Dstv decoder box. The decoder box is connected to a television set.

Here is how to unlock channels and watch some DSTV channels free without a subscription. You can watch Dstv channels on the app, free to air, and Apple TV.

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Unlock dstv channels

how to unlock dstv channels for free

Dstv is an entertainment superstore, a collection of hundreds of channels that let you watch whatever you want, whenever you want. And—in theory, at least Dstv is also a perfectly secure service. But all that is about to change. Because here is the truth about Dstv: it’s not as secure as you think. It has bugs that allow you to watch channels without paying for them. It’s possible to peel away the layers of Dstv’s security and watch channels for free. Easy Guide To Connect Dstv Explora To Internet

This guide is about making your DStv viewing experience even better by unlocking channels for free. What does “unlocking” mean?  It means you will be able to watch channels that are usually only available to DStv Premium customers. When I say “free”, I mean that the channels will not cost you anything, you will be able to watch them for free. You will not need to pay for any subscriptions or sign up for any services. Who is this guide for? This guide is for everyone who uses DStv.  

You can watch all DStv channels for free without paying for a DStv subscription if you’re willing to put in a little work. The most popular way of watching DStv for free is using an Android or iOS compatible smart TV box, but you can also use an online streaming service to watch DStv free channels on your PC, tablet, or phone. Here are how to unlock DStv channels and watch them free. Step By Step How To Check Dstv Balance In Nigeria

Watch Free-to-Air Channels

Most people know that you can get satellite TV programming through a subscription service. But did you know you can also pick up free-to-air TV programming with a satellite dish? Just like cable and terrestrial TV, satellite TV broadcasts are divided into channels. So, you can watch DSTV and other broadcasting channels without paying a subscription fee. The truth is that DSTV is more than just a premium TV channel. It’s actually a network of multiple TV stations. DSTV’s free channels include M-Net and SuperSport, which broadcast various types of programming. So, you can pick up free-to-air DSTV programming with a satellite dish, although you will need a DSTV decoder box.

So, if you have a Dstv subscription, you can watch a number of your favorite channels for free. Whether you have a Dstv subscription or not, you can watch many of the channels on Dstv for free.

To watch free to air channels on DStv, you will need to know the channels’ numbers, which are not the same as the numbers on your remote. To find a channel’s number, look for the number on the Dstv guide.

Dstv free channels

Dstv now

If you’re not a DStv subscriber you can still enjoy most of the channels by using a DStv Now account. DStv Now is a digital streaming service that allows you to watch the free-to-air channels on the go. You can also choose the premium channels to be added to your account. The free channels are only available when you have an internet connection, so consider getting a portable Wi-Fi hotspot for your tablet and smartphone. Another useful device to have is a Google Chromecast. You can use it to beam the content from your device to your TV.

Watch DStv on Apple TV

Apple has released its new tvOS software. It’s a new platform that lets you control your Apple TV (4th generation) using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The software comes with a number of exciting features, including a brand new remote app that you can use to control your set-top box from anywhere in your home.

You can now watch all your favorite dstv channels on your apple TV. This takes dstv to the next level. The Apple TV is a media streaming device that brings all your favourite entertainment together, in one place. It’s a convenient way to enjoy the shows, movies, music, and games you love.

Apple TV allows you to stream your favorite tv shows and movies from the internet or your home network. And better yet, they are natively compatible with DSTV, thanks to the built-in App Store. But did you know you can also install DSTV on your Apple TV, even if you don’t have an actual DSTV subscription? It’s true, and in this article, we’re going to show you how.

To download dstv on Apple TV

  1. Connect Apple tv to the internet
  2. Go to the app store on your TV
  3. Download the Dstv app
  4. sign in and start streaming

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