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How To Make Hand Sanitiser At Home In 6 Steps


For those who may find it difficult to get Hand Sanitizers because of the cost, scarce or would like to make it in large quantities.

In this post is how to make hand sanitiser at home. Yes you can do it yourself at home for your Families, Friends and Co-Workers to use at the office and public places.

Below is the World Health Organization’s standard recipe to make hand sanitiser at home if you can’t buy or find one in the market.

1. Get a 1.5L empty clean water bottle
2. Get 31.2mls of Hydrogen Peroxide and pour it into the bottle.
3. Add 22mls of the Glycerin in Rose Water into it.
4. Add 1.25L of the Methylated Spirit into it.
5. Finally, make the volume to the 1.5L mark of the bottle (i.e 203ml of the water)
6. Shake very well and label it as Hand Sanitizer and then you can dispense.
Now, you have your Hand-rub or Sanitizer to use.

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