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How to fix fingerprint sensor not working on Android devices and iPhone

These days fingerprinting scanner is not longer something new. It is a common feature of economy class smartphones and not just a characteristics of android and iPhone. A fingerprinting sensor serves to unlock your mobile device. It protects your device and keeps it away from unauthorized access. It is used as a means to protect certain applications and keep them for private use. It is very easy to use. at times issues of fingerprint not working on android phones like tecno, infinix and other android phones.  How To Improve Fingerprint Recognition In Work Place

Possible causes for sensor issues

  1. Home touch scanner/fingerprint sensor has spoiled
  2. Software dysfunction;
  3. Button surface is not in order(wet or dirty)
  4. Change of fingerprint pattern (it might be result of physical skin damage like its coarsen due to chilblain, chemicals, calluses).

How to fix fingerprint sensor not working

Tip 1: If you notice that that the sensor is damaged, your iPhone finger print not working, take your device to a repair shop. Mostly repairmen manage to fix it.

Tip 2: Update your phone software. It is quite possible you may not update an  app which could lead to fingerprint sensor not working. If it happens that, your android phone scanner stopped working after upgrading, then you will need to go back to the previous version. You can alternatively reset factory settings (do not forget to create a backup copy to secure entire information). How to fix my phone: Why Android Phones stops to work properly

Tip 3: Use any cloth material or cotton swab wetted with alcohol or tissue paper and carefully clean the button surface. Get it dry and see if the sensor has started working. Tap the button with clean and dry fingers.

Tip 4: this is a very effective way to wipe out a registered fingerprint. following these steps, fingerprinting scanner may not only get right but also faster. Take the following steps:

1.Remove the registered fingerprint;

Fix technology fingerprint

Fix technology fingerprint

2.Go to “Settings” -> “Sound & vibration”, turn off “Screen locking sounds”;

How to repair fingerprint sensor

How to repair fingerprint sensor

3. Go back to “Settings” -> “Lock screen & password” and setup 2 minutes;

Tecno fingerprint scanner

Tecno fingerprint scanner

4. Then enter fingerprints like that: firstly touch the sensor with a dry finger, second time with moisten (not wet!) finger. It has been tested on Xiaomi smartphones, tecno k7 fingerprint, tecno l8 fingerprint etc. step by step How to fix infinix finger print issues

Do you know other effective methods to make a fingerprinting scanner work? Tell us in Comments below how you have managed to teach your device scanner not “to be slow”. Definitely your way will capture attention of our readers.

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