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How to fix my phone: Why Android Phones stops to work properly

4 main Reasons Why Android Phones Freeze

Fix my phone

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1. An Installed app is not compatible with phone OS

When we install apps that are incompatible, they may not work well with your phone; this will not just lead to software errors but may even make  the CPU to malfunction. (Step by step guide to fix my phone)

2. SD card data reading error

  1. Starting corrupted files, APKs, or corrupt application files stored on external media inserted such as an SD card is able to freeze your phone.

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3. Viruses or malware

This is a common problem affecting android phones, and is dependent on your phone’s security installed. Downloading and installing insecure APKs, or tapping on attack links both mean damaging code or backdoors are saved on your phone.

4. Bugs from inappropriate ROM installation

Android phones usually have wonderful customization and flashing ROMs. poorly coded ROM that have many bugs may significantly affect your phone’s functioning and stability.  If you don’t follow these steps to ‘fix my phone’  your device even bricked and requiring you to re-flash the correct ROM or re-install a stable, official firmware OS version this can cause your android phone not to turn on or charge.

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How to fix a frozen or dead Android Phone?

These are step by step how to fix a dead android phone at home

1. Plug your faulty Android phone into a charger.

Use the original phone charger to power your Android device, or use its original USB cable and connect it to a powered-on computer. Carefully check whether there is any charging sign displaying on the phone screen or not – android phone that don’t Power on might also be caused by a battery is fully drained. You will have to Wait for several minutes after been plugged in, before attempting to reboot the phone. If the above step to recover dead android phone do not work and also don’t fix phone plugged but not charging errors, check out the following steps.

Plug your Android phone into a charge

2. Switch off your phone following the standard way.

Tap and hold the power button until the power menu is displayed. Tap on the “Power off” option to switch off the frozen phone. If this above steps to fix my phone issues does not resolve the phone’s frozen state. This could also solve phone plugged but not charging issues.

Switch off your phone using the standard way

3. Force your phone to restart.

If your android phone does not respond to the Power Off request, you should then try to force it to restart. Most Android smartphones can be forcefully rebooted by long pressing one of the following combinations below for not less than 10 seconds. to proceed to the phone recovery mode – tap on the “Restart” or “Reboot” option.

a) Power Button + Volume +/- Button together

b) Power Button + Home Button together

(The exact key combination depend on the Android phone models.)

Force your phone to restart

4. Remove the battery.

If you can’t forcefully reboot your phone, then you can try some other  physical steps. If its phone plugged but not charging error, try to remove the battery on the Android phone, remove the the mobile device battery and pit it again after 10 seconds, then power the phone on again;

Remove the battery

However if your phone is the type that has a built-in battery, you will have to wait until the power completely runs out and the battery is completely drained. Re-Charge your phone and try to switch it on.

If this step is still not working in fixing your phone, proceed to the next step.

Note: If your iphone phone or android phone is freezing whenever you open a certain app, it Shows that the app is causing your iphone and or android device system to crash. Remember to stop and uninstall any error apps and check your phone with a strong security app to kill viruses/malware after you successfully restart your mobile device

5. Perform a factory reset if your phone cannot boot.

If your android phone cannot be switched on, the factory reset is a Very effective way to ‘fix My phone’ However, bear in mind that all your phone data will be deleted.

► Make sure your phone is in its switched off state, or you wont be able to enter its Recovery mode.

► tap and hold the following button combinations from a powered-down state to enter Recovery mode until the Android boot menu appears.

The method to proceed into Recovery mode depends on your specific Android phone model, but it will be either:

Power and Volume key – OR Power, Volume +, and Home key

► Select either the “Wipe data and cache” or “Factory reset” option. And then select “Yes” to confirm it.

Wipe data and cache

► If the touchscreen of the android device is not responsive, use the physical Volume + and Volume – buttons to operate the menu and press the Power button to confirm your choice. Immediately the factory reset process has finished, the phone will automatically reboot its self also try this step for phone plugged but not charging issues.

If using this Recovery method cannot ‘fix My phone’ then you will need to proceed to the next step.

6. Flash your Android Phone.

► look for the following search string in a browser: your mobile phone’s “brand” + “model” + “flash guide” to search for look for the corresponding flash guide for your phone.

Flash your Android Phone

► install the corresponding ROM online depending to the flash guide.

► Carefully use the step by step guide to flash your Android device.

7. Seek help from professional phone engineer.

And after trying all the necessary solutions and flashing cannot resolve your dead Android device and it still cannot be switched on, the final step is to look for professional help using your android phone’s flagship store. Consult a professional engineer to fix your Phone

Effective Suggestions:

1. Don’t search a phone flash guide while on your phone flash; to have a better results, search for the exact phone brand + model flash guide to avoid incorrect OS versions and compatibility issues.

2. making use of video flash guide is always much understandable and easier for you when flashing an Android device.

Xiaomi redmi Note 4 flash guide

3. Using a reliable smartphone flash tool is also strongly recommendable.

Xiaomi redmi note 4 flash tool

4. Seek help from a verified professional phone master to help with the phone flashing process if you’re not comfortable with the steps to ‘fix my phone’ listed

5. If this repair fee is obviously high, and maybe its writing phone plugged but not charging, then it will probably makes more sense to buy to a brand new Android phone.

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