How To Fix Common Issues With Xfinity Cable Box

Are you experiencing connection issues when using Xfinity cable box or it just stopped working?. It’s not a cause of concern if you are familiar with the setup or installed it yourself. This article will guide you through steps to fix any Xfinity cable connection issues and fix whenever your cable box is not working.

Although, the processes involved might require a little knowledge of how the cable box works. Yet, following this guide step by step will ease the process for newbies. However, the setup instructions can also guide you to rectify any issues you experience when using Xfinity cable box.

Xfinity cable box issues

Here is a list and fix for all possible issues that might show-up when using your Comcast cable box.

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Set-top box not working

  • First, check if sure your X1 TV box is turned on.
  • Confirm if it’s set to sure the correct input source.
  • Tune to a channel listed with your service.

However, if everything is in order and your Xfinity problem with TV is still there, reboot or refresh the set-up box. Follow below steps to refresh your Xfinity set-top box online;

  1. Log in to “Manage My Account”.
  2. Find the “Activate and Troubleshoot Services” on your main screen.
  3. Click the Troubleshoot tab.
  4. Choose TV from the “Which service are you having an issue with?” dropdown menu.
  5. Click the Troubleshoot button for the appropriate device.
  6. Choose a symptom from the list.
  7. And click on the “Refresh My Box” button.

How to reboot manually :

  1. Turn off your Xfinity cable Box.
  2. Unplug the set-top box from the lower source.
  3. Allow the cable box to cool.
  4. Connect the power cord back and the xfinity Set-Top Box will reboot automatically.
  5. And then, switch on the TV.

After carefully going through this process, the Xfinity Cable box not working issues will be resolved and ready for use.

Connection Issues

Xfinity cable connection issues can be easily fixed by rebooting. However, most times it’s caused by wrong connection during setup or got tampered with. Generally, Xfinity cable, streaming, and internet connection problems can be a result of a change in weather. In that case, you don’t have to do anything.

However, to ensure stable connection when using Xfinity TV;

  • Ensure the video cables connecting your TV and X1 TV box is properly connected.
  • The coax cable should be properly connected to the X1 TV box and wall jack.
  • Tighten the HDMI cable plugged into your TV and the HDMI out port of your X1 TV box.

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