How To fix whirlpool fridge Leaking water- Samsung & LG

May be while at home or in the office, suddenly water started dropping on the ground and you started to look for the source. Surprisingly, you discover that its water leaking in the fridge even when it has a water filter. This article comes with an easy guide to repair whirlpool fridge leaking water from all corners yourself and keep it up and running smoothly.

In this post, am writing on how you can easily change water filter in the fridge be it Samsung, whirlpool, Sony, LG, or another brand. In addition, we’ll look at how to fix other fridge problems without taking it to a repairman. Sit tight and relax why I take you on this step by step process.

However, ice maker isn’t working can be fixed at home or office by anyone without even knowing how a refrigerator works just concentration.

Whirlpool fridge repair

Causes of water leakage on whirlpool refrigerator

Refrigerator always working

To start with, the continual running of a fridge tells there’s an issue on the way. Not even farmers fridge should run always as it can hike your electricity bills. Continual running of the fridge could also result to damage of the appliance.

To repair your whirlpool refrigerator to work perfectly, clean all debris and dust in the condenser. The condenser coils are fixed at the back of the fridge or across the bottom. It cool and condenses the refrigerant. So if it’s its covered with debris and dust, heat won’t pass through it.

Water leakage

Although, whirlpool fridge leaking water does not often mean that there’s a problem. Sometimes, water leaking on the fridge could be a result of using many power-intensive appliances alongside the fridge, thereby causing low power. Water will always drop if there’s a sudden increase in the fridge temperature.

However, water leakage as a result of debris covering the drain hose and building up ice can be fixed by using an object to remove the debris. You can also fix it by flushing out the ice with warm water.

Also, frozen water supply pipe will result in water to remain under the refrigerator. This can cause your whirlpool refrigerator to leak water on the floor and might affect ice making and water flow from the condenser.

To fix this, you need to contact whirlpool refrigerator repair service near you or an independent repairer. To do it yourself, remove the fridge from power outlet and get at the shut-off valve. Ensure the valve is closed and replace a broken water supply line. You can also defrost the refrigerator to get it running again.

Not Cooling Properly

If your whirlpool fridge is not cold and does not cool properly, there could frost growth inside your freezer. This can be caused by not closing the door for long periods of time.

To prevent this, only open the door when you it’s necessary. Constant opening of the fridge even when not in use is not advisable. Always clean food particles after use. And also, do not keep too many items close to the refrigerator to avoid blockage of air. This could also cause your whirlpool fridge leaking water from inside and may also affect cooling.

Fixing this will require you to remove all items and put them in a cooler then proper cleaning of the fridge and also repositioning it if the refrigerator is close to objects that can block air.

whirlpool fridge ice maker isn’t working

After waiting for sometime and yet the whirlpool ice maker is not making ice, what a frustration. This could be caused by a debris in the water line preventing the water flow.

To repair a frozen water line, shut off the water supply with the shut-off valve. This can be found behind the fridge. You can easily remove blockage from a refrigerator by turning it off and allowing it to melt down and clean the remaining debris. You can equally apply heat externally to fasten the repair.

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