How To Jump A Car And Get A Dead Battery Working Again

It could be that you left the radio playing all through the night unknowingly. Now, getting the car to come up has become an issue, just what it should be. I’m most cases your car battery could run down as a result of leaving your lights on, and now it won’t power. Your next option will be to jump a car using any available means. However, there are several ways you can bring a car battery to life, but first, you should have learned basic car maintenance in drivers Ed to perfectly execute the task. In the same vein, you should have the right emergency equipment in your trunk with basic knowledge of how to go about it. So if you’re ready, here’s how to jump start a car quickly.

Materials needed to jump a car

There is two basic equipment used to jump start a car, they are; jump cables and a power source (jump box or another car).

Jump cables – these are insulated cables set with clips at either end, used for starting a vehicle by connecting its dead battery to the battery of another vehicle.

Jumb box – this is an alternative battery used to jump start a car without another car. It has its cable which is used to connect to the dead car battery.

How to jump a car
how to jump a car

Before jumping starting a car, you should have basic car maintenance knowledge. However, here are some things you should know; a vehicle battery has a positive and negative terminal which you should rightly connect to.

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The positive terminal is indicated by “POS” or the + sign while the negative terminal is indicated by “NEG” or the – sign. Therefore, ensure you connect the jump cables rightly.

However, it’s necessary to read a vehicle’s directory as some vehicles might not be recommended for jump-starting. Also, avoid jumping a damaged battery as it could have a damaging impact on either your vehicle or jump box. Moreover, the clips should not come in contact.

How jump start a car

Jump starting a car is mostly done from another car as it’s rare to see a motorist with a jump battery. However, a jump battery is commonly used by roadside assistance when helping a stalled vehicles. Whichever way you’re using, connect the two cars’ batteries with the jumper cables. Get the two cars close to each other to enable the jumper cables to reach each battery.

Moreover, if you want to start a car with another car battery, confirm it matches the system of the donor battery to the dead battery to be jumped. Also, the use of a low battery to jump a car should be avoided. This is to protect the donor battery lifespan.

Steps to start a car from another vehicle

  1. Test Batteries: endure the battery giving the jump is not low and s matching voltage system type.
  2. Prepare Cars: Get the two cars to face each other and turn them off.
  3. Unlock and open the hood of each car. 
  4. Connect alligator clips to the terminals accordingly.
  5. Start the donor car now turn on the donor vehicle so the battery can supply power to the dead battery. 
  6. Run the donor car for a while.
  7. Test the inner light of the car being jump-started. Once it comes up, there’s enough power to start the car.
  8. Ignite the car with a dead battery.

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However, if after attempting to jump start the car and it fails, here’s what to do next. First, repeat the process of starting the car with another car. Check if the connections were done correctly and again start the car. If all this fails to turn on the car, it means the better is too dead to jump start.

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