How To Install HP Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

 HP Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

Brands like hp have made changing laptop hard drive as simple as changing a laptop battery. In the below figure you can see one instance of a hp laptop hard drive replacement to be installed. You can buy a new LAPTOP on AMAZON

HP laptop hard drive

Here, you can see clearly how this particular hp hard disk carrier type holds a drive in a cage; the data and power connectors plug into charging ports in the laptop. Simple Steps To Fix Laptop Screen With Pictures

NOTE: Don’t forget to remove both the AC adapter and your laptop’s battery before starting to install your HP laptop hard drive. You will not want any electrical shock, therefore, do the needful by ensuring your laptop is totally disconnected from any power source. how to fix a laptop charger cable: step by step

Follow these basic steps to install HP laptop hard drive in a carrier designed for your PC:

  • Firstly, Turn off the laptop.

Turn of the laptop

  • Unplug the AC adapter.

Unplug the laptop from power source

  • Prepare your work area.

    You want a clean, well-lit, and stable surface. Spread cloth or other soft material to protect the top of the laptop; Also, using anything that isn’t metallic or conducting an electric charge is acceptable.

  • Remove the battery.

Removing your laptop battery

  • Ground yourself before touching the drive to be replaced, and again before opening the pack that holds the replacement drive. Ground yourself by touching the middle screw on an electrical wall outlet, or by getting contact with a metal pipe. The reason for grounding your self is to remove the static energy in your body. This is avoid spoiling your computer.

  • Find the hard disk drive compartment or bay location.

    Your laptop instruction manual should include a chart pointing its position. STEP BY STEP HOW TO FIX LAPTOP BATTERY – weak & DEAD CELLS

  • Loose any locking screws that may be holding the drive in place, or unlatch any catches.

    Keep the screws in a safe place,  with this in mind, you won’t have to look for it. Keep record of any unfamiliar steps you have to take.

  • Finally, slide out the hard drive from its bay or compartment.

  • Reverse the steps to install the HP laptop hard drive replacement, latch, and power up the new drive.

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