How To Use Startimes Mobile App To Pay, Check Balance & Activate Startimes Tv

Startimes app

Startimes app was introduced by startimes TV to make their services more comfortable for its subscribers. Satellite TV and direct terrestrial TV services have taken an additional step to make their services more reachable and easy to manage. Startimes app can be used to pay for subscription and perform many functions in your decoder without contacting customer care representatives. Below are what you can do with your startimes Mobile app. Solution To Dstv Satellite Dish Signal Problems

Here are what you can do with your app

  • Decoder activation
  • Decoder reset
  • Payment of subscription
  • Fix no signal issues
  • Clear errors
  • Live streaming TV anywhere
  • TV guide
  • Self services

How Do I Download StarTimes App

Downloading and installation of StarTimes app can be done in any android, iOS and windows operating systems. To download StarTimes app apk on your andriod phone here. Also you can download StarTimes app on iOS devices here. After downloading your app, go through the registration process. Easy guide to connect DStv decoder to multiple TVs- extra view

After that, you can now pay for startimes bouquet subscription, check balance, change bouquet, stream online and so much more. However, you will be getting some coins as you are using the StarTimes app to carryout operations.

How To Pay For Subscription Using StarTimes Mobile App

Although there are many ways to pay for StarTimes bouquet subscription. However startimes TV app is easier for making payments. Here is how to use StarTimes mobile app to subscribe for StarTimes bouquet.

1. Log in to Startimes and click ON
2. Click on Startimes ON ON Sport.
3. Select your subscription choice.
4. Tap on BUY next to price.
5. Proceed with the payment
7. Use africell or eWallet to pay to for the subscription

How to activate StarTimes using Mobile app

To activate StarTimes decoder using StarTimes app, log in to your mobile app, click the StarTimes on, tap the StarTimes on sport. And then, choose the type of subscription you wants and proceed. After that, choose eWallet and proceed. Create eWallet purchase passwords and provide it. Now, you have successfully used startimes Mobile app to activate StarTimes decoder.

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