Earn money online using instant kash
Earn money online using instant kash

Earning money as a studen in Nigeria, is now made easy, simple and less occupying with online jobs to earn money from home without investment . And such jobs needs our everyday gadget like the mobile devices that u can carry around with you and work with on ur free time. Earning extra cash with instant kash platform is no longer a new thing as students and parttimers are using it to earn N10k-30k weekly.

How instant kash platform works

*INSTANT KASH pays within less than six hours of your withdrawal
*INSTANT KASH pays a whooping 75percent commission
*INSTANT KASH has flexible membership packages
*INSTANT KASH pays with or without referrals

Benefits Of Instant Kash Platform

how can you make money online with 1000 naira? Its is simple to make money as a student in nigeria with just N1000 naira on instant KASH and upgrade your membership package later after getting paid.

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members can also make use of their referral bonus for bill payment,data purchase and airtime purchase And many more. How to fix my phone: Why Android Phones stops to work properly

Instant kash platform
Instant kash platform


1. Reading news: You earn N5 for every news you read on INSTANT KASH PLATFORM with almost 500 daily news update, you could easily read a hundred news and make 500 naira daily which is 15,000 naira monthly.

2. Daily Login: You earn 50 naira daily automatically as you login to you INSTANT KASH ACCOUNT which is 1500 naira monthly.
3. FACEBOOK Sponsored Post : You earn N100 daily when you post instant kash news update or any assigned sponsored advert for that day on your facebook account timeline,which is N3,000 monthly.

4. Daily Quiz: You earn 200 naira per day when you partake and win in our daily quiz

5. Submit article:
You earn #100 per article approved…. So if 30 of your articles is approved in a month that’s #3,000

6. Referring: This is huge, INSTANT KASH pays you 75percent of your referral registration fees as referral bonus…With this massive referral bonus you can earn yourself as high as 1500 naira per referral let’s say you refer and register 20 person in a month that’s is a whooping 30,000 naira FOR that particular month.

Reading News ————15,000 naira
Daily Login—————-1,500 naira
Sponsored Post————3,000 naira
Submit Articles————3,000 naira
Daily Quiz.—————–6,000 naira
Referring——————-30,000 naira
TOTAL : #58,500(Fifty Eight thousand ,five hundred naira)

NOTE : Referrals are Optional that means that you earn money online with instant KASH even without referrals.


This online platform Pays Referral bonus within less than six hours of requesting withdrawals. Also all you need is a minimum referral bonus of #1,500 to withdraw and they also pay part of your other activities earning starting from 26th of every month depending on our revenue for that particular month(minimum of other activities earnings payout is #3,000 which can be made easily from reading news, sharing sponsored post and logging daily)

Instant kash alert
Instant kash alert

Getting Started With Instant Kash Registration

Select any of our membership packages
Silver PACKAGE costs 1000 naira
Gold PACKAGE costs 1,500 naira
Diamond PACKAGE cost 2,000 naira


All can earn and withdraw referral bonus daily or other activities earnings monthly once they reach payout threshold.

However the key difference between the three packages lies in their referral bonus earning capabilities.

A SILVER member can only earn 750 naira for any membership package he or she refers unless he or she upgrades…so when he or she refers either silver, gold or diamond
member he or she still earns #750.

A GOLD member can only earn 1,125 naira at most for referring,so when he or she refers a silver member he or she earns #750….A gold member he or she earns #1,125….A Diamond member he or she earns #1,125,he can earn more if he or she upgrades.

*A DIAMOND* member earns 75percent referring any package,no restrictions…#750 for silver,#1,125 for gold and #1,500 for Diamond referral.

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To register instant Kash select a payment mode to either activate your account with paystack or purchase a coupon code that could be used for your account activation

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