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easy guide on how to connect gotv decoder to other antenna

How to connect binotone antenna to gotv decoder

Its no longer a new development that its possible to connect gotv decoder with other antenna and it will sill show gotv channels . Connecting gotv decoder with other antenna like binotone out door antenna is now so simple as all you need is just f-connector which can be found easily in any electronic shop in Nigeria or any other place.this is the same way with how to install gotv external antenna.

To connect your binotone antenna to gotv decoder what you will need is only F-connector that do not cost more than packet of chocolate. Cut the wire that link your tv to booster, now put the F-connector in a firm way to the wire. Note that the wire are of two types when you cut it.

how to connect gotv decoder to other antenna

how to connect gotv decoder to other antenna

Fix the the strong wire directly to the f-connector and allow the scattered one to just touch the body of the f-connector [just like installing gotv external antenna] . now you need to join the wire to your gotv decoder or any other cable decoder if you don’t have gotv decoder. Remember that you should cut off only one side of the wire. You should not touch the direct antenna wire, just the one connecting your tv and the booster.

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how to connect gotv decoder to other antenna

how to connect gotv decoder to other antenna

In so many cases gotv users do complain that they don’t get quality gotv channels in their gotv decoder especially when they are using gotv indoor antenna. This is as a result of network issues, sometimes it will make ur viewing to be blur or make your gotv channels even to shop showing up sometimes you will be forced to re activate your gotv “channels”. Now you will be asking how to activate gotv.

If you are living in remote places this will be what you will be experiencing from time to time if you are using gotv or any other cable tv. What so many people don’t know is that this is not as a result of your gotv decoder or your cable tv decoder having issues or malfunctioning .

To get rid of network issues when using your cable tv; first you should fix your decoder high, second make sure that your gotv antenna is facing the right side[ask your local operators]. Lastly make sure that every thing about the cable decoder and antenna is tightly fixed.

If all the above mentioned is put in place then you will need to reset you’re your decoder. To reset your decoder press the menu button, check the signal strength and quality, both must be greater than 64%. Go to menu and tap on advanced option, click installation, tap on reset then you are good to go. I will advice that you should not use gotv indoor antenna rather go for gotv out door antenna.

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