Easy tips on Startimes satellite dish installation.

If you want to install and set your Startimes NIGERIA antenna, follow these steps guide on the satellite dish installation guide.

  • Make sure that you put your satellite antenna at a greater height
  • Ensure that the dish antenna should face the direction of a transmission tower. You can check the direction of Startimes satellite dish transmission tower in your area by asking the local dealers.
  • Ensure that the antenna is tightly fitted to the host in a way that it will not be swinging or be doing to and fro movement, else, it will negatively affect the reception of the signal.
  • Don’t fix trees especially tall trees, bushy trees, and groves, avoid high-tension wire.

How to Install Startimes satellite dish Antenna step by step

Step 1. Ensure you well Screw the antenna to the poll.


Step 2  tight the cable to the antenna


Step 3 covers the joint properly to avoid rusting in the future.


Step 4Tie the cable to the poll to avoid disconnection between the antenna and cable when there is wind.


Step 5 point antenna toward StarTimes base station for good reception.


Step 6 plug the other end of the cable into the decoder. You can see it at the back of the decoder at the back of your decoder.


Now you are good to go. You can put it ON your decoder

Steps on how to install Startimes satellite dish installation

When you must have removed the antenna from its packet, you need to be careful so that non of those items in the packet got missing. All these items available in the packet has a unique and important part to play in the installation.

Connect the decoder cable to the antenna properly to ensure that you have a good viewer experience.

The cable wire for connection has a screw end which is expected to be connected to the circuit box of the antenna making it face down. tight in the wire and ensure it holds it firmly.

Insulate the cable screw end with any object that can prevent water from penetrating inside. This is to avoid moisture contact resulting in rusting. Ensure that the cable wire is fixed gently but firmly to the pole.

This is to make sure that the wire does not in any way swing or fall off as a result of its weight thereby falling and disengaging from the antenna circuit box when you must have lifted.

Ensure that the pole is raised very high and above any other obstruction like the roof of your building, electric power wires, and trees.

Your Startimes antenna should face relatively towards the transmission mast that is close to your area. Like I mentioned above, you can find out the position of the transmission mask by asking the dealers around your area.

Thereafter, ensure that you connect the other side of your cable wire to the “ANTENNA IN” port behind your Startimes digital decoder. Switch ON your decoder, run a scan and start to enjoy your StarTimes service.

To install a startime decoder is very easy using this StarTimes satellite dish installation guide. But in case you find it difficult installing it, consult a professional or a local retailer for assistance. read also how to fix govt

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these topics will be discussed in the next article

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