step by step how to install consat tv

Step by step how to install consat system

Consat TV service is a Direct to Home (DTH) broadcasting service that is owned and managed by CBS (Continental Broadcasting Service, owners of TVC and Radio Continental).

Consat TV boast of 53 free channels after installation and activation, also the free channels run for 2 months just like dstv packages, gotv activation and some dstv channels and gotv channels that being used as promotion. After the free two months, you can proceed to subscribe for any of the two available bouquets. which are:

consat tv
consat tv
  1. Free-to-View – 16 channels
  2. Classic – Full channels (currently 53)
    these are the available channels:
  • Dove TV
    – TVC News
    – LTV
    – NHK
    – France 24
    – Bloomberg
    – A-Plus Movies
    – DW
    – Nigezie
    – TVC Nolly (English)
    – TVC Movies (Yoruba)
    – TVC Movies (Hausa)
    – Al-Jazeera
    – Fashion TV
    – BET
    – Viasat Nature
    – Fox Business
    – Fox News
    – BBC
    – Sports Plus
    – Nickelodeon Europe, etc

The Consat package carries along a 90cm dish, decoder, smart card (which is attached to the decoder when activated), and dish components.

Installing Consat is similar to any PayTV setup like gotv activation and dstv subscription. All it takes is for you to be familiar with the components to get high quality signal. For setup, it is advisable and also very necessary to use an MPEG4 decoder with satellite tracking abilities (Infinity, Strong would do). read more >how to fix gotv in your home

The consat frequency is 11293 and the symbol rate 45000 H. It is set at 16 oE. If you are tracking for signal, you have to get signal strength and quality over 80% to get quality feed. when you have gotten this with the Strong decoder, you now need to then replace it with the Consat decoder and boot on system.

consat tv
consat tv

For fresh installation, you need to do a software upgrade (be very sure that the power supply available is steady to avoid disconnection and possibly spoiling the decoder). Please do ensure that the software upgrade is always carried out by a duly qualified personnel so to avoid damage to the decoder. how to use whatsapp for pc

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