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how to use whatsapp for pc

whatsapp for pc, whatsapp wep

, whatsapp wep

WhatsApp and whatsapp web has gone a long way and has become the most used way of instant message communication for jet aged individuals worldwide credit to its remarkable simple way of use and economical $1-a-year unique subscription plan. That’s way much cheaper than many networks charge for text messages.

WhatsApp is working in many mobile devices, enabling you to use the same number on different devices. Incase you have tried to ask if you can use watsapp on pc, the answer is yes there is watsapp for pc. Not quite too long they introduced watsapp for pc, this has made it more easy for people browsing with their pc to chat at the same time.

In order to use WhatsApp for pc, it will require you to have a mobile device that has active WhatsApp account, and you will need it to be around you when you sign in. note that before your phone can be able to connect to watsapp web qr code it needs to have a rear-facing camera.

You are required to have active Internet access on both your pc and phone. A WIFI connection for your phone is better because it saves battery energy.

How to install whatsapp for pc on windows 7,8,9,10

whatsapp for pc

whatsapp for pc

You need to install WhatsApp web apk on your mobile device from your device’s app store. You’ll need the recent version of watsapp to do this, if you are yet to update your watsapp in a while, do it now. log in and/or verify your mobile number in WhatsApp. Whatsapp website is far easy to use that wechat web.


Connecting your phone and computer

On your computer, open your browser and head to the website (Bookmark the address if you’re going to use it often.) The WhatsApp Web download home page is extremely simple: just a QR code and an option to stay signed in.


whatsapp web

Now you have to switch back to your phone. You’ll need to activate the WhatsApp Web function. Here is a guide for the various mobiledevices, beginning from the main WhatsApp home screen:


Android: click on the Menu button, then tap “WhatsApp Web.”

iOS: click on the Settings tab, then tap “WhatsApp Web.”

Windows Phone: click on the Menu button, then tap “WhatsApp Web.”

Blackberry 9 or older: click on “Chats,” then “Menu,” then “WhatsApp Web.”

Blackberry 10: scroll down from the top of home screen and tap “WhatsApp Web.”

Nokia S60: click on the Menu button, then tap “WhatsApp Web.”

Nokia S40: navigate up from the down of the home screen and tap “WhatsApp Web.”

Your app will now display a camera window. face your device camera at your pc screen and make sure that is scans the QR code in the window. Within a short period of time the web app will show up, and all your contacts will show in the WhatsApp Web screen. Remember there is nothing like how to use whatsapp on pc without qr code.

If you press the “keep me signed in” option on the log in page, you will be able to close and open the web interface .If you get logged out in whatsapp for pc, just follow the steps above. ‘effect of social media’

Using WhatsApp Web [how to use whatsapp on pc without phone]

WhatsApp Web works ery good the same way that it does on your phone. The home screen displays a list of all the chats that you are currently into on your phone. To begin a fresh chat, press on the text message icon in the left side column and or click one of the contact names or start using the “Search Contacts” field. Also your chat will appear at the right side, and you can navigate through any of them at any time.

Just like normal whatsapp for phones, any messages that you send will be sent immediately to your receivers phone (including WhatsApp for pc if that’s what they are using on their end). To open a new group chat, press the menu pad(three vertical dots) then “new group chat.” To log out of WhatsApp Web, press the menu button then “log out.”

Enable browser notifications

If in any way you require to see new chats coming in even when you are not using that whatsapp for pc or don’t have the WhatsApp tab or window active, you can turn on browser notifications. These will show up just like small alerts in the corner of your screen. When you activated WhatsApp Web, you will see a message in blue color just down of your profile photo with the caption “Get Notified of New Notifications.” Press the link below and follow the directions that appear on screen, and you’re good to go.

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