Simple fixes for HD DStv Explorer Decoder issues

If you have a DStv Explorer decoder, you’ll know that the box is a little temperamental. Sometimes it works perfectly, but sometimes it won’t record a show. If you’re getting poor quality or your DStv Explora decoder buffers, you may need to reboot the decoder. Occasionally, you just need to reboot your HD PVR, and that’s okay. But when is the best time to do that, and why? We’re here to help with a few pointers.

  1. Dstv channel picture has become distorted
  2. Audio is not synchronized
  3. Dstv remote not working
  4. Your DSTV audio is missing
Dstv remote not working

Dstv Channel picture distorted

My Dstv Channel picture got distorted. Sometimes some channels not working on dstv, I was not too happy about it. Before the picture was clear and the channels were great. Now they are all fuzzy, and the colors have become a bit strange. Some channels have so much distortion that we can barely watch them. The problem seems to be limited to one of my decoders since the picture is fine on the other one. I tried all kinds of fixes, but nothing seems to work and my frustrations were growing by the minute.

So if Dstv Channel picture gets distorted here are a few possible solutions that fixed mine. The first solution is resetting the decoder, and if this doesn’t work, you can try unplugging for several minutes before trying again. If neither of these work, it is best to contact DSTV, who can investigate the issue with you. Step By Step How To Fix Dstv Remote Not Working

Dstv audio is not synchronized

Many users have reported that the audio of Dstv is out of sync. This is likely due to a fast Internet connection like a 100 MBps fiber optics connection. If you are having this problem, you can simply stop the playback of DSTv by pressing the pause button on your remote control. After a few seconds, press play and the audio will be synchronized with your television again.

If the above fix does not work for you, check if the problem is on your end, or if your Dstv box is causing the audio to be out of sync. If you’re using Dstv’s decoder box for the audio rather than your television, check that the audio cables are firmly in place. Also, try plugging other devices into the same set of speakers. If you get a similar problem with other devices, then it is likely that the problem is with your external speakers or something about the Dstv box that is causing the audio to be out of sync.

Dstv remote not working

As you may know, the remote control is the most important part of any DSTV installation, so that you can easily switch channels, turn the volume up and down, and more. But sometimes, you may find that the DStv remote control is not responding or not working on a second TV. This can be quite a frustrating experience, especially if you are only interested in watching the latest episode of your favorite soap opera. Luckily, this is a problem that you can solve yourself, with a little time and effort, by following these steps.

To solve this problem, you need to press the button again, making sure that you focus on the button. If the button still does not work, you need to replace the button battery. Ensure the battery is installed correctly if you have an old remote control. If you are using the new remote control, ensure that the remote control is installed correctly on the DSTV and the correct connector is used.

Audio is missing

There are three ways you can fix the problem of no sound on DSTV. The first is that the TV must be on. The second is that the amplifier has to be connected correctly. The third and last option is that the output of the TV has to be connected to the audio input of the amplifier.

So, when your HD PVR DStv Explorer decoder is having the above issues and is unable to fix using the above-provided solution, the easiest thing to do is to reboot it. We say it all the time: “Rebooting fixes everything.” It’s not just something we say, either: when your computer’s running slow, a reboot often really can cure the problem. It’s the same with DStv decoders. Sometimes, a reboot is the easiest way to fix problems with the decoder’s picture or sound quality, or with certain apps.

There are two ways you can reboot a HD PVR DStv Explorer decoder: the first is by using the remote, and the second is by using the front panel (buttons). As you will see in this article, rebooting an HD PVR DStv Explorer decoder using the remote is the easiest thing to do, and the on-screen display (OSD) should indicate that you should do it.

Dstv explora decoder

Reboot an HD PVR DStv Explorer Decoder with remote

When you get a brand new DStv HD PVR decoder, you’ll be so excited to try all the new features that you’ll press the big red button to start it up the first chance you get. Unfortunately, your excitement may quickly turn to frustration when you realize that the remote doesn’t seem to be able to reboot your HD PVR. It turns out that this is a common mistake. While the big red button is usually used to turn the decoder on and off, it’s not used to reboot your decoder. When you want to reboot your decoder, you need to use the small green button instead, as explained below.

  1. Press the Red button on the remote
  2. Click the Menu button
  3. Press the Tools button
  4. Enter the “System management” screen
  5. Hold down the Red button on the remote

However, you can as well reboot by using the front panel (buttons) of your DStv decoder. The first thing you need to do is to turn the power off on the front of the decoder by pressing the on/off button for 5 seconds. Once this is done you can use the front panel buttons to do the whole reboot process. If you have a decoder it is best to have the remote handy, especially if you have a spare remote for the decoder. How do I clear error code e48-32 on Dstv

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