How to fix Cox slow Internet speed quickly

Cox communication provides reliable internet access to its customers from as low as 10Mbps to 940Mbps. However, in forums and different and on different platforms, we see people asking why is Cox internet so slow and how to fix it. This could be as a result of increased usage of internet services. So, if you experience poor connection when streaming your favorite tv programs, or have a poor internet connection, here’s how to get it fixed.

Cox slow Internet

However, you can easily find out your Cox internet speed by carrying out a speed test. Here’s how to carry out a speed test.

How to run Cox speed test

  • Check and confirm your cox plan Internet speed. You can see your inert et plan in your bill.
  • On your mobile or computer, proceed to
  • Carry out the speed check from your router or a device plugged in.
  • Compare your internet speed with what you paid for.

After getting the speed test result and it happens that you have a close internet speed with your plan, you should consider upgrading to a faster speed plan. Choosing the best internet speed depends on your primary aim. If you are only browsing the web, 10Mbps should be adequate and upgrading to Cox’s 50Mbps package for streaming HD video and online video games. The Cox’s 50Mbps package is ideal for one 4K stream with no slow connection.

Although individuals pay for an internet speed for browsing and later uses it for streaming high-quality videos. This results in Cox Internet becoming so slow. However, there are still some fixes, follow the below guide to improve your connection.

Step By Step How To Self Install Cox Internet & activation

Restarting you connection

A restart improves connection and download speed. So if your Cox Internet is so slow or you aren’t just getting the internet speed you paid for, restarting your connection to Cox could be the fix you are searching for. Moreover, wrong settings and other connection issues could result to slow internet speed, so a simple restart will get it fixed. You can restart your modem with the Cox app. You can as well check for network issues on the app.

To manually restart the connection to Cox, unplug the modem from the power source and plug it back in after a few minutes. Do not disconnect the cable coaxial cable when in the process.

Upgrade to a faster speed

While you may have a modem that supports the internet speed you paid for. However, you might need to upgrade to a modem that supports at least DOCSIS 3.0 with DOCSIS 3.1 preferred. The CM1000 from Netgear is a good choice when you have a fast speed Cox plan. CM700 should be best if your connection is less than 500mbps.

Also, you can go for the upgraded router to improve Cox internet access. Upgrading your Wi-Fi is a quick way to speed up cox connection, although when used on a compatible device. So, going for Wi-Fi 6 will ensure better coverage compared to Wi-Fi 5 router.

Also, you reside in a big apartment with several objects capable of obstructing signals, you should consider going for mesh system.

Finally, you can fix Cox slow internet easily and achieve the best internet speed by continuously monitoring your connection and equipment. On discovering connection issues, get it fixed and replace faulty equipment. This will ensure improved internet access when using co communication.

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