Step By Step How To Install Gotv Decoder

Step by step how to install GOtv decoder


GOtv is one among the pay to view televisions offered by multichoice company. It has affordable subscription rates and also wild range of channels. In Nigeria today, gotv is widely in use.
how to install gotv decoder

You may thinking of buying gotv decoder or you may already have one for your self but you don’t even have idea of how to do the setup, just chill as I will go on step by step how to install gotv decoder guide.

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In this piece of write up, I will summarize the whole procedure of installing gotv in just three steps.

• Antenna assemblage
• Decoder setup
• Activation

Antenna assemblage

Just after removing GOtv from packet, the next thing you should do is antenna assemblage. Antenna assemblage is summarized here.

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• Bring out the antenna


• Pull the antenna grid , passing through the center
• Put the cable in the yellow plastic material in the pack
• Join both the green and red plastic using the green and red object in the antenna
• Place the u shaped object at the middle of antenna , very close to the antenna grid
• Join the first pole to the antenna grid, and also join the second pole bracket with nuts. Make sure that the yellow arrow is facing down.
• Put the antenna very close to the transmitter and where there will be no obstruction.

Decoder installation

After antenna assemblage the next thing to do is decoder installation.


These are steps to install gotv decoder.
• Remove the decoder from packet and place it to its permanent location.
• Connect the gotv decoder to a television by making use of AV wires.
• Connect the antenna and the decoder by making use of RF plug.
• Use power surge provided in the packet to connect the decoder to electricity.
• Now un both the decoder and TV, and press the AV button.
• Now it will take you to signal page and den gotv logo page.

Gotv Activation

different methods to subscribe your gotv decoder

gotv activation
gotv activation

After antenna assemblage and decoder installation, the next and final step is to activate the decoder. Follow this step by step guide to activate and enjoy your new gotv decoder.

• Visit gotv website. To vist gotv website click here
• Now scroll and click on the menu bar
• From the list that appear on the menu click activate
• It will take you to a page where you will be asked to input you personal details, country and you gotvv decoder IUC number.
• Double check and verify the details that you provided and then click activate.

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