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Careful Review of Dstv, star times & Gotv Decoders

Best Review of Dstv, star times & Gotv Decoders

Decoder review

These are Review of Dstv, star times & Gotv Decoders

Dstv decoder

Cost: N19000
People verdict: people only like using the dstv because it shows many of TV channels.
Rating: 57

how to check decoder balance
Dstv decoder review

Star times decoderdecoder

COST: N5000
People verdict: many people don’t make use of this decoder again because it does not have much channels. And it’s thing of the past (out dated) and the company is not doing anything to make it alive.
Rating: 15

Consat TV decoder review

Gotv review

Cost: N4900
People verdict: this is a subsidiary of Dstv and it has few number of channels working on it. Yet people love to use it because it gives you option to subscribe to lot of good GoTv channels at low cost
Rating: 41

gotv package
gotv decoder review


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This is a review of the major TV decoders operating in Nigeria. We are not paid to advertise for a particular product, our aim is to let the audience have a little tip on these products. One may decide to buy any of these products, that’s why we listed it all here and their review. We will add more decoder review if we finds out any other.

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