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how to activate GOtv decoder in two simple ways

Did you buy a new GOtv decoder and it  hasn’t been activated? ok no problem here is a step by step guide how to activate GOtv decoder in an easy way.

GOtv activation is no longer one of the money making machinery in decoder installation for apprentices as multichoice has made it very simple for easy GOtv activatuon. Sit back and read in detail our article on how to activate GOtv decoder as a newbie. there are two major means to activate GOtv decoder in the comfort of your home, theses are;

  1. Via SMS
  2. GOtv online activation

Via SMS:
After setting up GOtv decoder, connecting all necessary connections, setting up antenna and all other things you need to do before activating GOtv. Pickup your mobile phone and Send the word “accept*IUC number*Surname*mobile number*City*GOtvPlus# to 4688. Example: Accept*6380164739*mike*086372828275*lagos*GOtvPlus#. 

GOTV activation

Gotv activation

After sending the SMS, wait for response and now your decoder is not activated and ready to serve you. If you have any problem with activating GOtv via SMS contact GOtv customer care for assistance, you can do that by login-in to your decoder account and scroll down where you will see the GOtv customer care tap then click on it and make your complain. Or you can try GOtv online activation even before contacting the Customer care. Step by step guide how to fix E16, E19, E30, &  E32 error codes on Dstv and Gotv.


May be you have tried the first procedure for easy Gotv activation and its not working, OK you don’t have to worry as their is another way to activate GOtv decoder in less than 10 minutes and it worked perfectly for most people that have used it. To take advantage of this simple way to get your decoder working, follow the below procedures.


  • Tap on the Activate tab
  • Choose your City on the drop down menu.
  • Provide your Surname; IUC number and your mobile number.
  • Then tap on the green Activate button.
Activate gotv

Activate gotv

After carefully through with the above directions, you will need to confirm if your activation is done successfully, go to the Activation Status tab; provide your IUC number (Your IUC number can be found on the surface of your decoder) and then click on the green Check Activation Status button.

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